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uilipendium, -ii n nt act of counting as valueless, disparagement CH767/40

uilipendo, -dere, -si, -sum v tr to count as valueless, consider as cheap CH768/25; EK308/21; prp pass as adj worthless, of no value H99/24

uilla, -e n f vill, town BR3/24, etc; C13/15, etc; CH45/5, etc; DR247/36, etc; EK537/25, etc; L77/17, etc; LI607/17, etc; OX5/18, etc; SH10/22, etc; SM126/14, etc; SX44/10, etc; W399/27, etc; WL11/42; in reference to London IC11/13, etc; uilla mercatoria market town CH34/5

uillanus, -a, -um adj of or pertaining to a town; see balliuus

uillanus, -i n m 1. villein (literally a tenant in villeinage, a form of feudal tenure) SM129/3; WL12/11, etc; 2. by extension peasant, countryman IC497/5

uillata, -e n f vill, township BR3/11; WL127/7

Vindelisoriensis, -e adj Windsor, a town in Berkshire, site of Windsor Castle and St George's Chapel EL147/40

Vinius, -ii n m fictive L nomen formed from 'uinum,' 'wine,' here applied to a mock-jury member: Vinius Bibulus 'Winey Soaker' IC463/37

uinum, -i n nt wine C44/23, etc; CR489/24; EK34/16, etc; SH127/12, etc; in various idioms uinum acre vinegar EK101/18; ~ album white wine CR492/23, etc; EK60/25, etc; IC4/22; SH129/31, etc; ~ claretum claret wine, either wine sweetened with honey or a yellow- or light-red-coloured wine [OEDO claret n.1 and n.2 (a.)] EK100/17; ~ de Reane EK100/22 or ~ de Ruyn SH140/3 Rhine wine, Rhenish wine [OEDO Rhenish a. and n. 2.]; ~ de Romene EK60/26 or ~ de Romney IC4/5 rumney wine [OEDO rumney]; ~ dulce EK61/9, etc, or dulce ~ C67/29 sweet or sweetened wine; ~ molle literally mellow wine but comparison with E version of this account suggests it refers to a sweet wine SH161/31 (see p SH655, endnote to SRO: 3365/427, mb 1d); ~ rubeum C69/28; EK60/26, etc; IC4/6, etc; SH129/30, etc; or rubium ~ EK827/8 or ~ rubium CR492/22 red wine; ~ uasconicum Gascon wine SH159/15-16

uiola, -e n f viol, a bowed stringed instrument with frets LI203/36, etc; trebalis uiola a treble viol OX414/24; see Oxford EG vilyn [cp Ian Woodfield and Lucy Robinson: 'viol,' Grove Music Online, L. Macy (ed) (Accessed 13 April 2009)]

uiolaris, -is n m one who plays the viol, viol player WL289/7

uirga, -ae n f 1. rod, staff EL240/16; here usually symbolic of a virger's office in St Paul's Cathedral EL17/22, etc ; 2. rod (used for administering punishment) C361/34; 3. yard, unit of linear measurement equal to 3 feet: A. for cloth BR6/40; C71/7, etc; EK322/32, etc; IC45/34; LI583/20, etc; B. for land L241/9-11

uirgata, -e n f 1. yard, linear measurement equal to 3 feet CH228/11; used to measure cloth C32/31, etc; land L82/14-15; 2. rod, a linear measure of varying length, probably 5.5 yards or 16.5 feet CH153/232, etc; regea uirgata CH153/231, etc; 3. yardland, measurement of land roughly equal to an area of 20-30 acres SM179/17, etc

Virgilianus, -a, -um adj of, belonging to, or in the manner of Vergil, a Roman epic and pastoral poet (70-19 BC) author of the Eclogues, Georgics, and Aeneid C237/15

Virgilius, -ii n m Publius Vergilius Maro, a Roman epic and pastoral poet (70-19 BC) author of the Eclogues, Georgics, and Aeneid [OCD Virgil]; see also Polydorus Virgilius

uirginitas, -atis n f virginity: de Virginitate 'Of Virginity,' name of a treatise by St Ambrose CH807/30

uirgo, -inis n f 1. virgin, an unmarried girl IC454/4, as the name of a constellation, Virgo IC454/3; 2. used as an attribute of a saint, especially the Virgin Mary C46/2; CH36/22, etc; EK649/26, etc; EL16/17; IC8/18, etc; OX3/14, etc; SM252/33, etc; SX3/21c, etc; W412/30, etc

uirtus, -tutis n f 1. literally strength, power, hence in idiom uirtute + gen by virtue of LI580/6, etc (also in uirtute + gen LI103/22); hence uirtute iuramenti by virtue of one's oath SX19/33; uertus LI584/9; 2. (Christian) virtue LI5/9; SX4/3

uis, uis n f 1. power, strength, ability SH99/5; WL4/10; authority, force (eg, of an agreement or order) CH154/10, etc; SX20/15; in idiom in uim iuramenti (or sub ui iuramenti SH120/18-19, etc) BR164/33; H169/14-15, etc; SH328/6, etc; SM65/9, etc; SX179/18; W378/39, etc, by virtue of one's oath; in uim iuramentorum uestrorum by virtue of your oaths CH767/30-1; in pl (military) forces WL222/28; 2. force, violence CH719/7; WL129/1; in idiom ui laica remouenda literally 'by removal of a lay force,' a writ providing relief for one party disputing the incumbency of a church who has been blocked from entering it by a lay force, by removing that force IC468/21, etc; see also armum

uiscinus var of uicinus [OLD]

uise var of uice [OLD uicis]

uisibus see uicis

uisio, -onis n f that which is seen, a sight, here view, spectacle, display LI118/6

uisitacio, -onis n f 1. act of visiting, visit LI6/24; 2. visitation, inspection of a parish or religious house and its inhabitants by the ecclesiastical authorities EK20/17; LI341/15, etc; SM174/3, etc; uisitacio ... metropolitica metropolitical visitation, one made by an archbishop as metropolitan CH46/21

uisitator, -oris n m visitor, here one appointed to visit (ie, to inspect) grammar schools LI208/9

uisito, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to visit formally, possibly to inspect EK823/23; WL216/13

uisitor, -oris n m visitor, here one appointed to visit (ie, to inspect) religious houses SH196/29

uisum, -i1 sbst nt act of seeing or looking at L41/15; SH186/38

uisum2 acc supine from uideo, seeing, looking at SH180/22, etc (followed by acc obj)

uisus, -us n m 1. literally view, sight BR165/20; in idiom uisus coronatoris view of coroner, a coroner's inquest held to determine culpability in cases of accidental or violent death BR3/8; uisus corporis view of a body, a coroner's inquest held to determine culpability in cases of accidental or violent death CH25/39; SX29/2, SX170/32; 2. hence spectacle, display LI118/21, etc

uitrarius, -ii n m glazier C145/14, etc

uitrum, -i n nt glass C145/14, etc

uitulinus, -a, -um adj of or pertaining to a calf; see caro

uitulus, -i n m calf; see caro

uituperiosus, -i, -um adj scornful, vituperative CH767/36, etc

uituperium, -ii n nt censure, scorn, vituperation CH767/36; H99/23; W349/3

ullibi adv anywhere OX305/29

ulna, -e n f ell, a measure of length equal to 45 inches EK34/27, etc; LI33/14, etc; OX8/35

Vlpianus, -i n m Ulpian (d. AD 223), a distinguished Roman jurist whose work was one of the principal sources for the law codes of Justinian, here used as the cognomen of a justice at the court of a Christmas prince IC462/14

ultera var of ultra [OLD]

Vlysses, -is n m 1. Ulysses, the L name of Odysseus, a Greek hero of the Trojan War, here named as representative of military tactics IC425/14 [OLD Vlixes]; 2. named as a character in the play Ajax Flagellifer OX308/4, etc; as a character in the masque Penelope's Wooers OX371/13

umbraculum, -i n nt literally something providing shelter or shade, here by extension a canopy OX137/6, etc

unacum var of una cum [OLD]

unanimis, -e adj being in concord or accord, hence (of agreement or a decision) unanimous CH153/17, etc; EL21/19, etc; LI120/33, etc; OX57/25

unanimiter adv unanimously LI132/21

uncia, -e n f ounce, unit of weight C210/7; EK85/8, etc; LI35/24, etc; SH166/13, etc; SM126/27, etc; WL14/3, etc

uniformiter adv uniformly, without diversity in manner or form WL10/10

uniter adv together SH264/11

uniuersitas, -atis n f 1. university, whether viewed as a physical site C364/13, etc; OX11/26, etc, or as a corporate body C3/24, etc; OX7/24, etc; 2. the whole body or community of people addressed by a document, especially in idiom uniuersitas uestra your university EK731/13; EL21/15; [OEDO university n. 3.]

uniuocus, -a, -um adj having a single voice, unanimous OX799/22

uno, -are, -aui, -atum v intr to unite, come together in a single group CH681/8, etc

uocatio, -onis n f 1. calling, summoning OX6/15, etc; 2. calling, vocation CH770/34

uolo, -are, aui, atum v intr literally to fly, here figuratively in idiom uolare permittere of a horn to let fly, ie, to sound or blow LI321/29-30

uolumen, -inis n nt volume, a collection of discrete writings bound together EL19/9

uoluptuositas, -atis n f over-indulgence, love of pleasure CR465/4

urbanitas, -atis n f elegance, wit, hence an example of this, a witty or elegant remark EL15/25

urbs, urbis n f city: de urbibus usual Latin title of Stephanus of Byzantium's Ἐθνικά, a compilation of antiquarian information about ancient sites presented as list of place names and related adjectives and surviving only in an epitome SM198/4m

Vriteslegus, -i n m attempt to put the English name Wriothesley into Latin C95/7; see also fabrilegus

ursa, -e n f (female) bear (for baiting or other entertainment) CH34/5, etc; OX50/14; SH209/10, etc; see also custos

ursarius, -ii n m bearward CH33/38, etc; L132/29, etc; LI343/25, etc; OX29/20; SH207/10, etc; ursiarius SH194/25, etc; ursuarius SH199/17; ursurius LI333/21

ursiator, -oris n m bearward SH206/15

ursinarius, -ii n m bearward SH168/32, etc; ursenarius SH156/18

ursus, -i n m (male) bear (for baiting or other entertainment) CH36/2, etc; CR494/15, etc; EK827/12, etc; OX37/21; SH185/26, etc; SX184/12, etc; urcium (3rd decl gen pl) EK764/26, etc; ursuum (4th decl gen pl) SH174/13, etc; see also custos, custoditor

usque1 adv 1. as long as one can, hence usque morari to delay as long as possible, to linger OX270/10; huc usque until now EK647/35; OX308/41; 2. in combination with ad up to, as far as CH156/7, etc; EK204/1-2; IC88/9, etc; OX9/24, etc; hence up to (a point in a text) CH48/8; up to (a total) EK824/2; 3. in combination with ad CH68/28; EK974/25; EL26/7; OX414/14, etc; or in (with abl or acc) until, up to the time of EK305/4, etc; EL241/29, etc

usque2 prep with acc 1. (of space) up to, as far as CH716/20, etc; EK909/26, etc; SH154/9; 2. (of time) until, up to the time of CH78/37, etc; EK731/15, etc; EL127/40, etc; IC13/26; OX491/14; SH354/9, etc; 3. (of quantity) up to (an amount) IC60/10; 4. as far as concerns CH78/20

usualis, -e adj usual, customary EL26/11

usura, -e n f usury, the lending of money at interest, especially at excessively high rates EL243/2

usurarius, -ii n m usurer, one who lends money at excessive rates SH120/32

usus, -us n m use, benefit CH153/28, etc; EL18/28; IC49/12; SX171/21; vsus fructuum usufruct, use and enjoyment, a right of temporary possession, such that it does not prejudice that of the true owner EL19/13 [see Black's Use]

utlagatus, -i n m outlaw LI609/29, etc

uttero, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to utter, produce (documents or commodities) SM189/15

Vtopicus, -a, -um adj of or pertaining to Utopia, Utopian, ideal OX310/8

uulgariter adv 1. commonly, usually LI332/25; 2. in the vernacular, hence in English CH156/9; SH172/17; SM173/40m, etc

uulgo adv commonly, in the vernacular, hence in English LI5/3, etc; SM198/6m

waferarius, -ii n m waferer, literally one who makes wafers; waferers and 'menestralli' are sometimes mentioned in close association, but it is not clear whether they are therefore a type of minstrel; see pp H291-2 (Endnotes)) EK60/23, etc; H189/15

wafrator, -oris n m waferer, literally one who makes wafers; waferers and 'menestralli' are sometimes mentioned in close association, but it is not clear whether they are therefore a type of minstrel EK54/34, etc

Waia, -e n f Wye, the name of a river WL219/28

Walensicus, -a, -um adj Welsh WL247/23

Wallensis, -e adj Welsh WL288/8

Wallia, -e n f Wales CH45/8, etc; IC666/21; OX9/20, etc; WL57/17; see also Suth Wallia

Wallicus, -a, -um adj Welsh EK59/30; OX8/19, etc; SH164/32; WL238/4

wappentakium, -ii n nt wapentake, a subdivision of certain shires corresponding to the hundred of other counties, here a judicial court of such a subdivision LI609/23 [see OEDO wapentake]

warantizo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to warrant or guarantee something to someone (ie, their possession of it) W413/30

warda, -e n f ward: 1. watch, guard, here in idiom warda facienda keeping watch or ward EK537/25; 2. administrative district of a city or town EK967/30, etc; EL97/10, etc; SH111/36

wardens, -ntis n m warden, here the lord warden of the Cinque Ports EK756/28, etc

wardenus, -i n m warden, here the lord warden of the Cinque Ports EK738/35

Warecestria see Worcestria

war(r)anto, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to warrant or guarantee something to someone (ie, their possession of property) CH154/2, etc; EL26/29

warrantum, -i n nt warrant: 1. justification CH41/2, etc; LI103/37; 2. an order or authorization EL128/2, etc; IC86/26, etc; LI580/6, etc; see also dormiens; 3. (arrest) warrant CH691/39, etc; L240/11

warrena, -e n f warren: in phr libera warrena free warren, the right to keep or hunt certain kinds of game or game birds CH41/3 [OEDO warren n.1 1.c.]

Waruicum, -i n nt Warwick: 1. name of a town Warwicum SH265/381; 2. name of a county Warwicum IC124/25; SH265/382; 3. name of a earldom and dukedom C44/36, etc; W397/1, etc; Warewicum EK825/8, etc; Warruicum EK41/14; Warrwicum EK322/9, etc; Warwicum CR492/39, etc; SX45/26, etc; Warwycum SX48/5, etc

wastellum, -i n nt wastel bread, a loaf made from flour of a particularly high quality SM177/38, etc; see also panis

Wellensis, -is n f the town of Wells SM236/14, etc

Wellia, -e n f the town of Wells SM252/2

Westburia, -e n f Westbury, name of a deanery in the diocese of Worcester BR5/9

Westmerlandia, -e n f Westmorland, name of an earldom EK63/30

Westmonasterium, -ii n nt Westminster, name of a city EK733/13, etc; EL229/38, etc; IC34/4, etc; LI580/6, etc; SH266/1

Wia, -e n f Wye, name of a river H184/33m

wicus, -i n m town: Medius Wicus Middlewich CH721/37, etc; Wicus Malbancus CH717/26, etc, or Vicus Malbanus CH795/18 Nantwich

Wigornia, -e n f Worcester; 1. name of a city and diocese W396/3, etc; Wygornia BR3/21; W400/14, etc; 2. name of a county W451/22m (in form <..>gornia due to MS damage), etc; 3. name of an earldom SH128/32, etc (in form Wygornia); LI195/18

Wilticiria, -e n f Wiltshire, name of a county BR59/4

Windishgracius, -a, -um adj of or belonging to the Windischgraetz family: m as sbst a member of that family OX257/18

Winghama, -e n f Wingham, name of a village EK203/33

Wintonia, -ae n f Winchester, name of a diocese OX417/17, etc; Wyntonia EK46/25

wlnero var of uulnero [OLD]

Woodstochia, -ae n f Woodstock, name of a parish OX465/35

Worcestria, -ae n f Worcester, name of an earldom LI86/6 (in form Worcest<...> due to MS damage); OX313/11; used as a personal name element CH36/7m (in form Warecestria)

Wygornia see Wigornia

Wygorniensis, -e adj of or belonging to Worcester, site of a cathedral and its priory WL217/29

Wynsoria, -e n f Windsor, name of a royal castle and chapel OX73/20

Xenophon, -ontis n m Xenophon (c 428/7-c 354 BC), Athenian historian and memoirist, part of the conservative circle formed around Socrates SM191/37m, etc [OCD]; see also historia, oracio

xviijna see octauadecima

ydioma see idioma

ydus see Idus

yemalis, -e adj for hiemalis [OLD]

yems, yemis for hiems [OLD]

ymago, -inis n f for imago [OLD]

ymmo particle for immo [OLD]

ymnum, -i n nt hymn EK27/14

ymus, -a, -um adj for imus [OLD]

Ysayas, -e n m Isaiah, name of an OT prophet and the book ascribed to him EL238/23, etc

Ysodorus see Isidorus

ystrio, ystryo see histrio

ystrionatus, -us n m the state of being an entertainer H99/29; see also histrio

zabuli var of sabuli [OLD sabulum]

Zacharias, -ie n m Zechariah, name of one of the Minor Prophets in the OT CH808/1

zelator, -oris n m zealous supporter, zealot LI762/13

zelotipie var of zelotypie [OLD zelotypia]

zelus, -i n m eagerness, ardour, zeal C237/30; LI4/4; OX178/9

zenium for xenium [OLD]

zitharius, -ii n m harper, one who plays upon a stringed instrument C142/29; see also cithareda [for 'citharius' from 'sitharius'?; cp DML cithara]

Zodiacum, -i n nt the zodiac, a band of twelve constellations, also known as signs of the zodiac, which define the sun's apparent path across the sky following the plane of the ecliptic OX308/27, etc

A. 1. Academia; 2. academicus; 3. addictissimus /addictus/; 4.

adfulgente (gratia); 5. adiutore (Deo); 6. adiuvante (Deo); 7. admodum; 8. Adolphus; 9.

adspirante (Deo); 10. agens (vices); 11. Aloysius; 12. Ambrosius; 13. amplissimus; 14.

amplitudo; 15. ancilla; 16. Andreas; 17. Anhaltinus; 18. annuente (Deo); 19. Annuntiatio; 20.

Antonius; 21. apostolicus; 22. archiepiscopus; 23. assistente (Deo); 24. Assumptio; 25.

archidux; 26. auditores; 27. Augustanus; 28. Augustinianus; 29. Augustus; 30. Aulus; 31. auspice

(Deo); 32. auspicium; 33. Austria; 34. auxiliante (Deo); 35. auxilium; 36. ave

A. /a./1. ab; 2. abbas; 3. abbatissa; 4. acta; 5. actor; 6. actuarius;

7. amen; 8. amicus; 9. amor; 10. anima /animus/; 11. annus; 12. ante; 13. ara; 14. archiater;

15. area; 16. ars; 17. auctor; 18. aut; 19. autem

a. 1. absque;

A° anno

AA. 1. Archidux Austriae; 2. artium (magister)

AA. /AA/ 1. auditores; 2. Augustiniani ab Assumptione (Pia Societas

Presbyterorum ab Assumptione Beatae Mariae Virginis)

a.a. ad acta

AAA. Ave, amice, abi

A.aA. Augustiniani ab Assumptione (v.AA.)

A.ab O.R. anno ab orbe recuperato /redempto/

aAbr. anno Abrahami (ab anno 2016 a.Chr.)

AA.C. ante auditam causam

AA.C. /a.a.C., A.a.C./ anno ante Christum

a.a.Chr. anno ante Christum

a.a.Chr.n. anno ante Christum natum

AA.C.N. /a.a.C.n./ anno ante Christum natum

Aa.C.N. anno a Christi natali /nativitate/

A.AE.C. anno aerae Christianae /Christi/ anno aerae communis

A.AE.R. anno aerae redemptae /redemptionis/*

A.aer.vulg. anno aerae vulgaris

A.AE.V. anno aerae vulgaris

AA.LL.C. /AA.L.L.C./ artium liberalium cultor

AA.LL.&P.D.&P. artium liberalium et philosophiae doctor et professor

AA.LL.M. artium liberalium magister

AA.L.M. Apud agrum locum monumenti

AA.M. artium magister

AA.M.D.H. Archidux Austriae, Magnus Dux Hetruriae

AA.P. Amicus amico posuit

AA.P.V. anno a partu Virginis /virgineo/

AA.Rep.Sal. anno a reparata salute

AA.RR.CC.DD. Admodum Reverendi Clarissimi Domini

AAS. Acta Apostolicae Sedis (ab a. 1909)

AA.S.L.M. Apud agrum sibi legavit monumentum

AA.V.C. /a.a.u.c./ anno ab Urbe condita

AAustr. Archidux Austriae

A.B. 1. Amicus bonus; 2. Archiepiscopus Bremensis; 3. artium


A.B. /a.b./ aurea bulla

ab. abiit

A.BA. /ABA/ Antoniani Benedictini Armeni (Mechitaristae)

Abb. 1. abbas; 2. abbatissa

Abb.Gen. abbas generalis

abbr. abbreviatura

ab et. ab eterno /aeterno/

ab exec. ab executione

AB.F.S.S.S. Amico benemerenti fecit sepulcrum suprascriptum /suo


ab init. ab initio

ab int. ab intestato

abl. ablativus

A.B.M. 1. Amicis benemerentibus; 2. Amico benemerenti

AB.M.C. Amico benemerenti monumentum condidit

AB.M.F. Amico benemerenti monumentum fecit

AB.M.V. Annuntiatio Beatae Mariae Virginis

ab O.C. ab orbe condito

Abr. Abrahamus absente reo

Ab U.C. ab Urbe condita

A.C. 1. Adiuvante Crucifixo; 2. anno Christi /Christiano,

Christianorum/; 3. ante Christum; 4. Archiepiscopus Coloniensis; 5. Augustana Confessio; 6.

Auspice Christo

Ac. /ac./ academia

a.c. 1. anni currentis /anno currente/; 2. ante cibum; 3. ante

correctionem /correcturam/

A.C.A. Augustanae Confessioni addicta (ecclesia)

Acad. /acad./1. academia; 2. academicus

Acad.Berol. Academia Berolinensis

Acad.Cantab. Academia Cantabrigiensis

Acad.Crac. /Cracov./ Academia Cracoviensis

Acad.Francof. Academia Francofurtana

Acad.Fr.P.P. Academiae Francofurtanae professor publicus

Acad.Lugd.Bat. Academia Lugduno Batava

Acad.Monac. Academia Monacensis

Acad.Nat.Cur. Academia Naturae Curiosorum (fund. a. 1652)

Acad.Reg. Academia Regia

Acad.Reg.Boruss. Academia Regia Borussa

Acad.ScientPetropol. Academia Scientiarum Petropolitana

Acad.Synd. Academiae syndicus

Acad.Typ. /Typogr./ Academiae typographus

acc. 1. accedit; 2. accepi /-it/; 3. acceptus; 4. accessit; 5.


accred. accreditarius

A.C.E. anno Christianae aerae /epoches/

A.C.F. Amoris causa fecit

ac.g.n. Ad cetera generalia nego

a.Ch. 1. anno Christi; 2. ante Christum

a.Ch.n. ante Christum natum

a.Chr. 1. anno Christi; 2. ante Christum

a.Chr.n. ante Christum natum

A.C.I. Augustana Confessio Invariata (a. 1530)

A.C.N. anno Christi nati

a.C.n. ante Christum natum

acol. acolitus

a.Cons. /cons./ a consiliis anni currentis

Acred. acreditarius

A.C.S. 1. anno Christianae salutis; 2. anno Christi Salvatoris

A.C.T. Amantissimus /amicus/ curavit titulum /condidit tumulum/

Act.Ap. Acta Apostolorum

Act.C.C. Acta Concilii Constantiensis

Actt.SS. Acta Sanctorum

Actuar. actuarius

actuar.Fac.Jurid. actuarius facultatis iuridicae

A.C.V. 1. a claro viro; 2. a condita Urbe

A.D. Anima dulcis

A.D. /a.d./ 1. Anno Domini; 2. aqua destilata

Ad. 1. adsessor; 2. adstitit

a.d. ante diem

a d. a dato

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