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spiritus, -us n m 1. spirit OX141/12; 2. in idiom Spiritus Sanctus the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity BR6/23; LI32/11, etc; OX307/33--4m

splintra, -e n f lath C158/19

spondialis, -is n m literally one who plays the flute at a religious observance, used generally by extension a flute player OX465/8 [from σπονδή, a drink offering, and αὐλητής, a flute player; see Souter spondiales]

sponsacio, -onis n f betrothal SH354/28, etc

sponsus, -i n m bridegroom, by extension (influenced by conventional exegesis of the Song of Solomon) Christ OX3/9

spontaneus, -a, um adj voluntary, unprompted CH719/1; OX101/8m; in idiom ex spontanea voluntate freely, willingly IC50/32

sporta, -e n f literally basket, hamper, but here clearly something much larger, apparently a pallet or litter made of basketwork in or on which a crippled person could be carried about H200/16, etc

sponsacio, -onis n f betrothal SH354/28, etc

Sprusius, -ii sbst m fictive L name for mock-jury member, formed from E 'spruce,' 'neat, trim': Sprusius Nitidus 'Spruce Fopleigh' IC464/4

stacio, -onis n f literally act of standing: 1. by extension a place in which to stand a wagon or the like EK104/36, etc; 2. by extension a standing place, (viewing) station IC38/9

stacionarius, -ii n m a residentiary canon at a cathedral EL17/10, etc

Staffordia, -e n f Stafford: 1. name of a county BR129/12, etc; 2. name of an earldom EK312/26, etc; SH128/19, etc

stagiarius, -ii n m stagiary, a residentiary canon at a cathedral EL22/29, etc

stagium, -ii n nt storey (of a house or other structure) SH191/13

stallacio, -onis n f installing, installation (eg, of an archbishop) EK736/37

stallum, -i n nt (choir) stall, a chapter member's seat in a cathedral choir EK946/15

Stapulia, -ae n f Staple Inn, an Inn of Chancery attached to Gray's Inn, here an archduchy belonging to Gray's Christmas prince IC424/19

status, -i n m 1. literally standing, position CH767/39; 2. by extension estate, interest in property CH65/16, etc; L241/23 [Black's Estate]

statutum, -i n nt 1. statute, regulation, law C259/26, etc; CH781/27, etc; EK928/5, etc; EL17/1, etc; L113/18; LI7/5, etc; OX92/26, etc; SH264/35, etc; SM237/5, etc; WL158/8, etc; 2. in pl statute book BR6/29; hence liber statutorum statute book CR504/40-505/1

staurum, -i n nt stock, stores, what is on hand at a given time C352/17; EK101/27

stella, -e n f star, here a representation of the star of Bethlehem LI106/33, etc

stellatus, -a, -um adj covered with stars, starry; see camera

Stephanus, -i n m the name Stephen: specifically Stephanus of Byzantium, sixth-century Greek grammarian SM198/4m [OCD]; see also urbs

stercutius, -a, -um adj of or pertaining to Stercutus, the deity supposed to have invented manuring of crops C850/21[cp OLD stercus]

sterlingi, -orum n m sterling, used of currency BR55/20, etc; EK74/22, etc; EL22/1, etc; W412/33; WL215/36, etc

stilus, -i n m style: in idioms stilus Anglie literally the style of England, referring to the English custom of beginning the year on 25 March rather than the previous 1 January SM899/8 (see also cursus); stilus nouus literally new style, referring to the reformed, or Gregorian, calendar, not adopted in England until 1752 EK926/35 [see Cheney, pp 17-19]

stimulus, -i n m in CL a goad but here more likely spur SX212/17

stipendium, -ii n nt wages C214/26, etc; CH46/23; EK309/26, etc; IC58/9, etc; LI29/35, etc; SH74/10, etc; stypendium IC94/6

stipulacio, -onis n f bond, legal obligation C249/26, etc

sto, stare, steti, statum v intr 1. literally to stand, stand still LI125/9; SH129/22; SM190/5; hence stet let it stand, stet LI22/29, etc; (written next to a cancellation) SH327/6m; 2. to stand (in a given condition), to be (in a state) SX20/36; hence in legal idiom stare recto literally to stand in the right, hence to stand one's trial SH14/12; 3. to stand (in a particular position or relationship), be placed, stay EK822/18; LI79/25, etc; 4. to remain, stay (in a given state), continue in force EK901/13, etc; LI347/31; SM129/32; SX38/27; 5. to be stayed (of judicial proceedings) SM399/23m, etc; (it is not clear whether the occ on DR169/5m is being used in sense 4 or 5); 6. to stand by, adhere to, in idiom stare mandatis ecclesie to conform to the church's regulations EK814/10, etc; LI58/27; SM78/1, etc; SX38/34

stockningo in calce n phr a punning macaronic phrase, 'by a stocking on the heel,' purporting to derive the name of socage tenure from 'stocking' or 'sock' IC493/11

stopum, -i n m drinking vessel or cup of indeterminate size, a stoup EK34/25

Strabo, -onis n m Strabo (63/4 BC-AD 21) Greek historian and geographer, author of an extensive Geography describing the then-known world SM198/7m [OCD]

strata, -e n f street EK135/28m, etc; OX5/28; publica strata highway WL222/24

Strugullia, -ie n f Chepstow, Monmouthshire LI314/16, etc

studens, -ntis prp studying: 1. in idiom pueri studentes grammaticam, literally boys studying grammar, ie, grammar-school boys EK966/6; 2. m as sbst student OX4/9, etc

stultus, -i n m 1. fool, foolish person IC654/11; at IC457/28, it is translated 'stool' as part of a multilingual pun; 2. fool, buffoon, here apparently a household entertainer CR492/40; EK57/25, etc; le stulstus CR493/11; whether the person so denominated was, in addition, a 'natural fool' cannot be determined; see also baculus, festum, le

stupha, -e n f hypocaust, a hollow passage or box beneath the floor heated by means of hot air from a furnace WL220/11

stupor, -oris n m astonishment, surprise, consternation CR503/22

stypendium see stipendium

subballiuus, -i n m under-bailiff: 1. town officer in Shrewsbury subordinate to the bailiffs SH130/32; 2. household officer, the assistant or subordinate of a bailiff L114/7, etc; in the archbishop's household EK974/23

subdecanatus, -us n m subdeanery, office or jurisdiction of a subdean, deputy to the dean of a cathedral; in Chichester, another name for the parish of St Peter the Great, presumably because it was in some way under the subdean's jurisdiction SX20/9

subdecanus, -i n m subdean, official in a cathedral chapter subordinate to the dean LI120/30, etc; SM173/36; OX199/15

subdiaconus, -i n m subdeacon, member of the highest of the minor orders of clergy SM236/16, etc

subditus, -a, -um adj 1. under the authority of, subject to (some person or authority) H70/19, H71/23; WL12/13, etc; 2. m as sbst a subject, one under the authority of a person or institution C333/11; CH55/28, etc; EK975/16; SH264/14; SM369/39; W349/32, etc; WL129/24, etc

subeo, -ire, -ii, -itum v tr literally to undergo: in idioms subire in obligacionem to submit oneself to an obligation, undertake a bond EK608/1; subire iuramentum to take an oath SH52/23, etc

subiectio, -onis n f subjection (to a legitimate authority), obedience CR504/33

subiectus, -a, -um adj 1. subject to C333/11; 2. m as sbst a subject CH767/36, etc

submissio, -onis n f submission, part of the process whereby an accused person in a church court first confesses to, and then submits to the sentence of, a judge; here the part apparently stands for the whole process W383/35

submitto, -ittere, -isi, -issum v tr in refl sense to submit oneself (to the judgment or sentence of a court), used of defendants pleading guilty in a church court CH664/34; H68/26, etc; EK900/12-13, etc; LI340/41, etc; SH58/37, etc; SM389/32, etc; SX40/13, etc; W378/1, etc

submurmuro, -are, -aui, -atum v intr to sing or chant softly on a continuous note WL10/18 [cp OLD murmur, submurmuro, OEDO murmur n. and v.]

subpedagogus, -i n m usher, assistant teacher LI189/6

subsanno, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to mock, deride LI8/2 [see OLD sannio]

subscripsio, -onis n f act of writing one's name below a statement or other document to indicate agreement, approval, or affirmation C315/17, etc

subscriptus, -a, -um pfp pass written below LI341/22, etc

subsidium, -ii n nt 1. help, aid, here in idiom caritatis subsidia alms, charitable gifts CR491/9; 2. by extension an aid or subsidy paid to the Crown, a medieval form of taxation CH716/13, etc; 3. subsidy, money paid to assist with an extraordinary expense IC38/9: subsidia (n f)

substitutus, -i n m substitute, deputy judge acting on behalf of another EK305/6, etc; L25/2; OX73/27

subter prep under (used metaphorically) L241/22

subterior, -ius compar adj lower CH26/11

subticeo, -ere, -ui v tr to be silent about (something), keep quiet about EK308/4; WL216/34 [[correcting EK LG]]

subtraccio, -onis n f removal, reduction OX13/24

subtraho, -here, -xi, -ctum vb tr to take away, hence to perform the arithmetic operation of subtraction, subtract IC651/11, etc

subtresaurarius, -ii n m under treasurer, an administrative officer at Middle Temple IC168/26, etc

subuicecomes, -itis n m undersheriff EK63/10; LI36/21

suburbium, -ii n nt outskirts, suburb OX529/36

succatus, -a, -um adj candied, coated in sugar or sugar syrup, hence panis succatus sweet bread or bread made with candied fruit SH187/27 [OEDO succade, sucket, and sugar-bread, sugar-cake (under sugar n. 5a)]

succentor, -oris n m succentor, the deputy of the precentor LI105/22, etc

successiue adv in turn, successively IC52/6, etc

succinens, -ntis prp singing, or chanting, softly OX305/16

sudariolum, -i n nt kerchief EL15/23

suffitus, -us n m burning of perfume or other sweet-smelling substance OX417/17 [see OEDO suffiment, suffite n.]

sufflacio, -onis n f act of blowing, eg, a horn or other instrument, here used of horn blowing, a customary ceremony in Cinque Port communities EK735/5, etc

suffocacio, -onis n f state of being choked or suffocated [OLD]: used in error for sufflacio above

Suffolcia, -e n f Suffolk: 1. name of a county C327/28, etc; IC125/5, etc; 2. name of a dukedom C43/37, etc; EK766/5; LI185/20, etc; OX313/6; SH175/24, etc; SX18/3; Suffochia LI343/15, etc; Suffolicia EK71/38; Suthfolchia EK332/28

suffraganeus, -i n m suffragan, an assistant bishop, here the suffragan bishop of Dover, a subordinate of the archbishop of Canterbury EK203/38

suffragatorius, -a, -um adj of or pertaining to electors OX343/11

suffragium, -ii n nt prayer, especially intercessory prayer LI6/6

suggestus, -us n m pulpit EK204/5

Sumersetta see Somersetia

summa, -e1 n f amount, sum (of money) EK976/28, etc; EL22/1, etc; somma B27/23, etc; EK681/29, etc; EL100/35, etc; SH198/16 [OLD]

summa, -e2 n f load for a packhorse EK34/151, etc [see OEDO seam n.2]

sum(m)arius, -a, -um adj summary; see causa, uia

summoneo, -ere, -ui, -itus v tr to summon (parties) to court or to answer charges CH64/38, etc; sommoneo IC46/6

super1 adv above, besides, more DR172/41

super2 prep with acc or abl (in SH265/23, both cases are used simultaneously: super patriam et domina Regina) 1. literally above DR283/4; SH98/9, etc; (with verbs of watching and the like) over, from above (figuratively) LI3/15, etc; 2. above, beyond (used figuratively) DR172/30; 3. (with verbs of pouring and the like) over WL80/15; 4. on, upon (of location) CH25/40; EK975/2, etc; EL237/25; LI8/7; OX8/24, etc; SH277/21; SM177/41; SX29/4, etc; WL222/20; hence ludere ... super to play upon (an instrument) CH221/29; hence as a place name element LI317/13; Stratton super lez forsst Stratton on the Fosse SM93/41m; (used figuratively, of duties taken upon one or the like) IC7/9, etc; 5. hence on, upon, for (of payments and levies) CH716/20; EK317/18, etc; impositi super capita convictorum literally levied upon the heads of fellows, ie, levied upon the fellows individually OX282/7; 6. of, upon (a charge) EK823/9, etc; 7. about, concerning CH46/21m, etc; CR504/15; DR248/4, etc; EK308/14, etc; EL21/17, etc; IC11/3, etc; LI3/13, etc; OX40/29, etc; SH6/5, etc; SM251/8, etc; SX29/2, SX170/31; WL247/11, etc; 8. upon, by virtue of (an oath, a request, an account) CH616/4, etc; DR282/28, etc; EL97/18; IC11/35; LI33/4, etc; OX5/22, etc; SH10/14, etc; SM881/34, etc; SX170/38, etc; WL4/9, etc; 9. upon, with respect to, for (eg, of money paid or spent) IC23/20; LI29/35, etc; 10. for (the use of) SH130/25, etc; SM129/3; 11. upon, after (an act or event) EL230/17, etc; SH120/28, etc; 12. against CH715/19, etc; SH281/4, etc; hence in defiance or breach of (a right) CH723/31; see also patria

superdictus, -a, -um pfp pass abovesaid IC52/24

superedificatum, -i sbst nt superstructure, an upper part added to a building EL25/28, etc

superhoc conj because L82/30

superinde adv 1. thereon, thereupon (of physical location) CH154/34, etc; 2. thereupon, on that account L241/21

superpellicium, -ii n nt surplice, a long white vestment usually worn over another, such as a cassock EK714/34

supersedeo, -edere, -edi, essum vb tr or intr 1. to cease, come to an end SM174/38; 2. in pass to be stayed (used of legal proceedings) EK9/1, EK9/8, EK9/17-18 (in form super sedendum); SM134/33

supersedias v phr supersedeas, name of a writ staying legal proceedings IC7/11 [var of supersedeas, 'you shall refrain,' see OLD supersedeo and OEDO supersedeas]

superuenio, -enire, -eni, -entum v tr to come in from outside, visit C7/29, etc; EK73/22, etc; L114/8, L114/16; LI333/22, etc; W411/14

superuideo, -uidere, -uisi, -uisum v tr to look at, watch SH181/14, etc

superuisio, -onis n f oversight, supervision C96/28, etc

superuisor, -oris n m supervisor, overseer LI125/22

superuisum, -i n nt oversight, supervision CH78/3; SH139/4

superuiuo, -ere, -xi v intr to continue living, linger (eg, after an injury) OX138/20

suppedito, -are, -aui, -atum v tr suppress, subdue LI5/2

supportacio, -onis n f support, sustainance LI316/19, etc

supporto, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to bear, support CH55/34; WL215/39; 2. hence to provide funds to meet (expenditure) LI125/20, etc

supprior, -oris n m subprior, deputy to a prior EK31/11, etc

supradictus, -a, -um pfp pass said earlier, stated above BR4/30; C29/22; CH47/5, etc; CR528/5, etc; DR191/31; EK731/15, etc; EL20/32, etc; IC5/31, etc; LI25/35, etc; OX6/6, etc; SH159/18; SM237/6, etc; SX171/1, etc; WL215/28, etc

supraiuratus, -a, -um pfp pass having been sworn before H200/7, etc

supramentionatus, -a, -um pfp pass mentioned above SM100/22

supranominatus, -a, -um pfp pass named above C410/32; CH742/30; LI4/12; SM134/39, etc; WL111/22, etc

suprapositus, -a, -um pfp pass placed above or atop SM177/33

suprascriptus, -a, -um pfp pass written earlier or above C363/41; IC21/39; LI5/15; SM399/23; SX42/26

suprauenio, -enire, -eni, -entum v tr to enter into, come into from outside, visit C7/15

surexio, -onis n f insurrection, riot OX9/19

surgo, -rgere, -rrexi, -rrectum v intr to rise, especially to rise from the dead EK26/5, etc

surplusagia, -e n f remainder, balance due IC108/23, etc; surplusagis IC177/4, etc; surplusagium IC120/30

surrogatus, -i n m 1. surrogate, deputy judge in the church courts EK13/20; H167/13, etc; LI41/7, etc; SH52/40, etc; SM357/30, etc; SX178/23; W390/28; 2. at Cambridge University, the deputy judge of the vice-chancellor or his commissary C326/25, etc

sursumreddicio, -onis n f surrender, here the surrender of copyhold, an act by which a tenant formally surrendered his rights in a holding to the lord of the manor or his representative so that the lord might then dispose of the holding in accordance with pre-agreed terms of surrender, ie, a legal fiction to obtain a transfer of title L241/20 [Black's Surrender]

suspendo, -dere, -di, -sum v tr 1. to suspend (from), temporarily remove from a position or privilege, usually as a punishment CH803/27; LI313/14; SM237/7, etc; W383/34; 2. to suspend a lay person from reception of the sacraments for a limited time EL34/6 (pfp pass); LI265/16, etc; SH323/23; W381/27, etc; 3. hence pfp pass suspended (from), temporarily removed from a position or privilege, usually as a punishment EK975/30; WL235/25, etc

suspensio, -onis n f 1. hanging LI607/15; 2. suspension of a cleric from his office and revenues for a limited time CH47/16; CR504/4; SM238/7; suspencio SM237/28; W383/34, etc; 3. suspension of a lay person from reception of the sacraments for a limited time H68/22m, etc; SM129/32; suspencio LI58/1; 4. suspension of parish officers from their positions WL235/25m, etc

suspico, -are, -aui, -tum v tr to suspect (someone), believe them guilty of wrongdoing SM380/10 [OLD suspicor]

suspiro, -are, -aui, -atum v intr to sigh, hence with inf to long (to) WL79/11

Sussexia, -e n f Sussex, name of a county SX28/36

sustentacio, -onis n f maintenance, support CH46/24, etc

Suthfolchia see Suffolcia

Suth Wallia, Suth Wallie n f South Wales WL247/10

sutor, -oris n m literally one who stitches something together: 1. shoemaker, cobbler C81/17; 2. in idiom sutor uestiarius tailor C408/27; CH153/22

symbolum, -i n nt emblem, device SH98/4, etc

symphan n f (indecl ) a term used to describe a variety of musical instruments, most likely a portable hurdy-gurdy CH715/20 [OEDO symphan n., symphony; Howard Mayer Brown: 'Symphonie ii,' Grove Music Online, L. Macy (ed)

symphoniacus, -i n m musician, especially one that is part of a band or consort, hence probably a wait OX274/35, etc [OLD]

symphonicus, -a, -um adj harmonious, tuneful WL10/17; simphonicus WL10/9

symphonista, -e n m musician OX100/5

syndicus, -i n m syndic, a representative empowered to conduct business on behalf of a corporation EK308/33; cyndicus EK308/36

synodale, -is sbst nt synodal, synodal due, a payment made by subordinate clergy at bishops' or archdeacons' visitations LI342/17

synodalis, -e adj var of sinodalis; see concilium

synodos, -i n f synod, a church council; see trullus

syntaxis, -ios n f order, arrangement, system, hence in grammar, syntax IC659/17 [LSJ σύναξις, -εως]


tabellarius, -ii n m tabellar, a chorister responsible for recording attendance in choir SM248/7

taberna, -e n f literally a shop, but usually in AL a tavern, alehouse, inn BR5/34; C3/24, etc; CH47/1; CR465/1; EK938/7, etc; EL20/29; OX11/28, etc; SH10/21, etc; SM238/1, etc; SX4/7, etc; W348/37; taberna alaria public gambling house C267/4, etc; tauerna SM397/10

tabernaculum, -i n nt either a tent or booth or a tabernacle, name applied to various articles of church furniture, such as a canopied recess or other repository for an image OX28/16

taborator, -oris n m taborer, one who plays upon a small drum called a tabor C44/39

tabula, -e n f 1. board, plank OX9/21?, OX94/23; especially one prepared for painting EL239/15; 2. table OX9/21?, OX29/26; possibly by extension meal, dinner EL17/11; 3. ~ rotunda round table, an event held in emulation of the legendary King Arthur and his knights LI608/41

tabulatum, -i n nt 1. literally floor or platform made of boards, hence floorboard OX306/19; 2. tabulatum scaenicum stage platform, stage OX893/34

talamo for thalamo [OLD thalamus]

tal(l)iatus, -a, -um pfp pass entailed, subject to a defined succession of heirs; see feodum

talus, -i n m literally knucklebone [OLD], a die or playing piece in the shape of a die EK909/26, etc; L77/19

tango, -ere, tetigi, tactum v tr literally to touch: 1. hence to touch on, have bearing on, concern CH49/36, etc; EK848/11; LI25/40; OX11/13, etc; WL217/2; 2. in idiom tangere officium to hold office EK822/7; 3. pfp pass in idiom tactis sanctis euangeliis (abbreviated as tactis &c) when the holy gospels had been touched, referring to the form of a corporal oath C364/40, etc; tactis sacrosanctis euangeliis OX76/28; tactis ... sacrosanctis Dei euangeliis SM211/12-13; also in idiom ad sancta dei euangelia ... corporaliter tacta upon the holy gospels of God physically touched, referring to the form of a corporal oath EL23/23-4; see also fides, iuramentum, pr(a)esto

tanquam var of tamquam [OLD]

tantomodo adv only LI112/13

tantumodo var of tantum modo [OLD tantum B.9]

tapete, -is n m woven hanging, tapestry C236/22; OX137/20

Tartarus, -i1 n m Hell WL60/12

Tartarus, -i2 n m Tartar, a native of Tartary, a region in Central Asia east of the Caspian Sea, here applied to opponents of the prince of Purpoole in an imaginary military campaign in Russia IC425/8

taurus, -i n m bull, especially one intended for bullbaiting CH36/2; LI316/16, etc; SM189/13, etc; taurus pugnator fighting bull (for bullbaiting) SM145/23-4

taxacio, -onis n f taxation, assessment OX217/21m; see commissio

taxator, -oris n m taxer, an officer of the university authorized to fix rents for student lodging, and regulate the prices of goods for sale and weights and measures used in the town of Cambridge C516/8, etc

taxillus, -i n m ('talus' + diminutive suffix) knuckle-bone, a small die or playing piece in the shape of a die CR465/6; EK939/12, etc; LI7/18; OX6/31, etc; W348/5; WL216/27; taxilla (1st decl) SM238/2, etc

teatralis, -e adj of or pertaining to the stage, dramatic, theatrical; see ludus

Technogamia, -e n f Latinized form of compound from Gk roots, a marriage of the crafts or arts, here the title of a play C882/7

tediosus, -a, -um adj wearisome, tedious WL8/26, taediosus

tela, -e n f woven fabric, cloth, hence linea tela linen fabric OX8/35

Templarius, -ii sbst m Templar, a member of Inner or Middle Temple IC425/9

templum, -i n nt literally temple OX894/30: 1. the Temple in Jerusalem, especially in reference to its cleansing in Mt 21.12-16 and parallels H57/8; SH5/30; SM423/6; or in reference to its desecration by the Seleucid army and subsequent cleansing by Judas Maccabeus as related in 1 Macc 4 LI4/1; see also Iudas Machabeus, Mathatias; 2. by extension temple, a house of Knights Templar: hence duo hospicia Templi, the two Inns of the Temple, that is, Inner and Middle Temple, the two Inns so called because they were built on the site of the London headquarters of the Knights Templar IC11/7; Interius Templum Inner Temple IC56/34 (also in macaronic form Interius Temple IC66/24); Medium Templum Middle Temple IC91/30, etc, used unmodified in the same sense IC44/15; 3. hence a Christian church or chapel C236/20; L77/31; SM424/16; templum Diue Virginis Marie church of St Mary the Virgin OX55/20; 4. temple, shrine C239/37, C240/9 (it is unclear whether these passages refer solely to Hezechiah's purifying of the Temple at Jerusalem, or also to his destruction of pagan hill-shrines in the countryside)

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