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recipio, -ipere, -epi, -eptum v tr 1. to receive, to get (goods, money, or the like) BR133/39; EK336/22, etc; IC41/26, etc; SH166/14, etc; ne recipiatur (literally 'that it not be received') an order preventing one from receiving commons in an Inn IC220/34; 2. to receive (information) EK309/3, etc; 3. to receive (guests) EK928/6, etc; 4. to receive (a charge or accusation) EK726/21m, etc; SH58/11, etc; 5. to receive (someone) back into full church fellowship after excommunication BR5/19

recitatus, -a, -um pfp pass mentioned, discussed IC61/13

recitacio, -onis n f recitation, act of reading aloud in public, hence performance of a play C158/15, etc

recito, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to read out, repeat aloud, recite before an audience, hence of a play, to perform C151/10, etc

reclamatorius, -a, -um adj pertaining to the recall of a hawk; see auis

recognicio, -onis n f recognizance, a pledge or bond, usually made by the principal party and two guarantors, for the performance of a task or condition C279/17m; CH221/33; L148/26

recognosco, -oscere, -oui, -otum v tr to acknowledge: 1. used especially in bonds to acknowledge that a given amount of money has been posted L6/2; W387/8; recognoscere se debere (+ a sum of money) to acknowledge that one is bound (for a given amount) EK779/30-1, etc; L35/33, etc; W387/5; WL111/25; with 'se debere' understood CH62/22, etc; EK245/34, etc; 2. to confess LI193/25

recommendatus, -a, -um pfp pass having been commended, hence commendable EL17/17

recompensacio, -onis n f 1. literally recompense, compensation IC98/24; 2. here likely replacement, restoration (eg, of lost or damaged goods) EK101/42

reconsilio, -are, -aui, -atum v 1. tr to reconcile SM237/8 ; 2. intr (+ abl of person) to be reconciled with SH73/15; in refl sense to reconcile oneself with SH341/40; used aboslutely in refl idiom to make an act of reconciliation, here with one's parish community, likely by performing public penance EK17/9 (in form reconciliandum)

recordacio, -onis n f act of speaking or reciting, recital SM8/5

recordator, -oris n m recorder, a judge, usually an expert jurist, appointed by a borough to preside in its courts and offer legal advice BR6/39; LI208/2, etc; SH273/30

recordum, -i n nt record, an authoritative report of the proceedings before, and judgments given in, a particular court during a particular session EL128/33; in idioms de recordo as a matter of record CH41/7; EL128/34; deliberari de recordo to be delivered as a matter of record SH266/16

recreacio, -onis n f 1. refreshment, relaxation C4/2; LI27/30, etc; OX6/33, etc; 2. activity tending to provide refreshment, hence entertainment C55/25; OX40/26?

rector, -oris n m 1. director, leader DR171/39; OX799/7; used of the jurats of New Romney EK731/15; 2. rector, priest having responsibility for and authority over a parish and entitled to enjoy its tithes BR4/40, etc; CH15/38; DR247/35, etc; EK307/36, etc; H174/40, etc; LI3/19, etc; SH11/23, etc; SM423/17, etc; SX3/22; W347/11, etc; WL215/29; 3. rector, head of an academic college OX16/34, etc

rectoria, -e n f rectory, a rector's benefice OX43/28, etc; in idiom domi rectorie the buildings pertaining to a rectory EK976/17, etc

rectus, -a, -um adj right; see sto

redditum, -i n nt act of returning or restoring H112/25

red(d)itus, -us n m 1. return, arrival back SM373/30; 2. by extension return, revenue, payment EL128/36, EL129/21; IC97/5, etc; OX217/22, etc; 3. especially rent, revenue from land CH50/26, etc; CR493/38; EL22/20, etc; L82/18, etc; LI25/35, etc; SM7/38; WL216/7; see also assisa; 4. return, report (eg, of income) OX286/20

redelibero, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to deliver again, return SH166/11, etc

redemptio, -onis n f literally a buying back, hence, ransom, redemption, fine DR170/26

Redemptor, -oris n m Redeemer (as a title of Christ) DR170/27; see also feria

redonacio, -onis n f act of giving back LI155/7

refectio, -onis n f 1. refreshment OX11/1, etc; 2. hence a meal C90/26, etc; OX27/24, etc

refectoria, -e n f refrain (of a song) W396/5

refectorium, -ii n nt refectory, dining hall OX893/35, etc; WL216/23

refocillo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to restore (eg, to health), refresh OX307/27

reformacio, -onis n f reform, reformation (of an abuse), correction C321/14m; CH78/3, etc; LI319/27; OX40/20; SM174/8, etc; WL215/11

reformo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to reform (abuses), correct CH779/32; LI27/1, etc

refractarius, -a, -um adj unruly, unrestrained OX530/12; C399/26

refractoria, -e n f refrain, 'refreit' (of a song) W396/5

refricacio, -onis n f reawakening of painful feelings, here in idiom memorie refricatio painful recollection W396/15

refugium, -ii n nt literally refuge, shelter, here rendering W 'naud,' 'protection' WL11/37, etc; see WG naud

refuto, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to refuse, reject CH46/36

regalis, -e adj 1. royal C229/30; OX799/14; hence of or pertaining to the king of beans, a Christmas king at Merton College OX49/19, etc; officium regale literally royal office, here the office of Christmas prince IC10/20--1; 2. nt sg as sbst royal, an English gold coin originally valued at 10s, although its value could vary, here used as a synonym for a noble OX62/38 [OEDO rial n.1 3.a.]; see also nobilis; 3. hence by extension of sense 1 of or pertaining to King's College, Cambridge C236/30, etc; see also camera, collegium, papirus, pes

regardatus, -a, -atum pfp pass paid or given in reward LI333/12, etc

regardum, -i n nt reward, gratuity, customary payment C29/32, etc; CR494/15, etc; EK738/11, etc; IC7/7, etc; LI118/3, etc; OX30/31, etc; SH132/17, etc; SM250/7, etc; SX14/26, etc; W411/13, etc; ragardum LI160/33; regarda C69/30m, etc; OX20/35, etc; regardium OX267/19, etc; rewardum C23/4, etc; CR493/22, etc; EK732/33, etc; LI79/36; OX17/15, etc; SM41/7, etc; SX184/31, etc; W404/35, etc

regencia, -e n f regency, the period during which a master acted as a regent, or presider, over disputations and questions OX52/18

regens, -ntis prp ruling, regent: magister regens regent master, a master in a given faculty acting as regent, or presider, over degree disputations OX4/32, etc; hence m as sbst regent, regent master OX29/3, etc

regimen, -inis n nt literally control, rule; here in idiom regimen animarum cure of souls, the responsibility borne by a cleric for parishioners entrusted to him SX3/22

regina, -e n f queen: 1. the reigning monarch C229/16, etc; CH115/42, etc; DR79/22, etc; EK779/22, etc; EL125/36, etc; H121/21; IC86/28, etc; L36/4, etc; LI82/29, etc; OX125/9, etc; SH207/11, etc; SM189/9, etc; SX170/29, etc; WL129/17, etc; 2. wife of the king C30/14, etc; EK43/12, etc; H107/1; IC28/10, etc; LI36/22; OX73/8, etc; SH149/3, etc; SM251/22, etc; SX182/8, SX184/20; W397/18, etc; WL11/8, etc; rigina EK756/24; 3. summer queen, one presiding in a summer game LI38/14; 4. as a place name element: Charleton Regina Queen Charlton SM150/17, etc; see also ludus, Salue Regina

reginalis, -e n f of or pertaining to a queen; see collegium

regirans, -antis prp literally wheeling about: here in idiom lora regirans pulling back on the reins (so as to turn a horse) WL223/13

register, -tri n m registrar OX73/18

registrarius, -ii n m 1. registrar, court official, usually a notary, who recorded proceedings before church courts and kept the various court records CH307/14, etc; EL210/23; H161/2; LI266/39; 2. registrary, university official responsible for copying and registering official records, correspondence, and other documents C572/10

registratus, -a, -um pfp pass having been registered, ie, copied into an official register C3/20

registrum, -i n nt register-book, one containing official copies of documents, decisions and the like IC58/26m; OX498/25; SH218/33

regius, -a, -um adj 1. literally of or pertaining to a monarch, royal C101/11, etc; CH718/39; OX799/14, etc; W539/24; hence professor regius regius professor, holder of a chair in a given faculty endowed by the monarch OX218/11; 2. hence of or pertaining to King's College C236/16; nt sg as sbst King's College IC651/6; see also domus, uia, uirgata

regius, -ii sbst m royalist, king's follower LI603/10

regnum, -i n nt 1. reign BR6/25; C279/18, etc; DR79/22, etc; EK731/10c, etc; H92/17, etc; L36/4, etc; OX5/15, etc; SH10/7, etc; SM189/10, etc; SX170/28, etc; W413/39, etc; WL158/3, etc; see also an(n)us; 2. kingdom, realm C239/25, etc; CH36/7, etc; EK947/9; EL241/17, etc; L21/34; LI603/8, etc; OX7/23, etc; SH265/2, SH265/7; W409/14; WL11/27; in idioms ius regni law of the realm, hence common, as opposed to civil or canon, law C101/35-6; regnum fabe or fabarum kingdom of beans, the mythical realm of Merton College's Christmas king OX799/7, etc

regula, -e n f (monastic) rule, here the Benedictine Rule LI342/38

regularis, -e adj 1. regular, in accordance with a rule, here of a monastery, with reference to the Benedictine Rule CR527/27; LI342/37; WL216/15, etc; 2. hence m pl as sbst regulars, monks living under a rule LI342/2; WL215/38, etc; see also canonicus [ODCC REGULAR]

regracio, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to give thanks to, thank BR6/27

regulus, -i n m petty king, hence prince OX315/16

rehabeo, -ere, -ui, -itum v tr to possess again, recover CH156/26; EL26/24

reiectio, -ionis n f rejection, refusal, here in idiom reiectio materiae rejection of the matter (of a complaint) EL186/8

reintro, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to reenter (into land or other property), to take possession again (of land or other property from a defaulting lessor) CH153/36, etc; EL26/22; W413/24; see also intro

relator, -oris n m an informer, one who supplies information to the civil courts upon which a charge may be brought SH311/15

relaxatus, -a, -um pfp pass released (from a bond or obligation) CH119/35m, etc; L6/20; SM56/13m, etc

releuamen, -inis n nt relief LI203/24

relibero, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to hand over again, deliver again EK62/20, etc; LI320/36m

relicta, -e n f widow C610/40, etc; EK87/20, etc; OX259/20; SM180/25

religio, -onis n f 1. religion, worship, here likely in reference to the established church IC666/23; LI59/40; 2. in idiom de falsa Religione 'Of False Religion,' title of one of the books of Lactantius' Diuinae institutiones CH811/8; hence 3. Christian religious practice or devotion, Christianity C296/5, etc; CR465/10; H57/6; OX894/19; SH5/28; SM174/17, etc; WL216/16; 4. Jewish worship C239/38, C240/2; 5. pagan worship C240/26

religiosus, -a, -um adj pious, devout C316/18; WL217/16

religiosus, -i sbst m member of a religious community, eg, a monk or canon regular, a religious LI607/2, etc; W395/29 (the apparent occurrence of the adj on W395/26 is a scribal error for a form of irreligiosus, -a, -um [OLD])

reliquia, -e n f 1. that which is left behind, remains WL220/8; 2. hence (religious) relic (eg, of a saint) EL3/15; WL3/12, etc; see also festum

remandatus, -a, -um pfp pass remitted, sent back IC89/11, etc

rememorator, -oris n m remembrancer, a financial officer of the Exchequer EL128/34

remeo, -are, -aui, -atum v intr literally to return, here to remain, stay [by confusion with remaneo(?)] EL19/12

remorsus, -us n m regret, remorse EL21/31

remuneracio, -onis n f reward, customary payment C14/1, etc; EK79/5, etc; SH161/36; SX50/32

remunerator, -oris n m giver of reward, prize-giver LI109/17

Rennus, -i n m Rhymni, name of a river WL222/20

renouacio, -onis n f literally renewing, hence restoration, refurbishment, repair SM8/25

renouo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to renew, resume, repeat, hence as legal idiom to carry or hold over (eg, court proceedings), used of a judge H183/32, etc; SH299/41m, etc

reparacio, -onis n f repair, mending C74/11, etc; EK96/27m, etc; LI109/40, etc; OX14/38, etc; SH168/34, etc

reparo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to mend, repair, fix C174/38, etc; EK88/17, etc; OX102/18, etc; W412/40, etc; 2. hence to amend, correct (eg, faults) SX180/12; reparere C64/12; reperare CH518/25

repastum, -i n nt meal C6/19, etc; IC43/24

repello, -ere, reppuli, repulsum v tr literally to drive away, hence to expel (a student or other member) from the University OX530/10

repeto, -ere, -iui or -ii, -itum v tr to make a copy, hence to register EL152/25m

repititio, -onis n f literally repetition, hence rehearsal (of a play) OX279/32

repletio, -onis n f filling up OX89/34

reportacio, -onis n f a carrying back, removal C145/7

repositorium, -ii n nt storage place, hence a chest or cupboard OX94/29

represento, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to present, give EK77/16

reprisa, -e n f deduction, charge CH49/37, etc [OEDO reprise n. 2.]

reputatus, -a, -um pfp pass reputed, deemed CH768/14, etc

requero, -rere, -sii, -situm v tr 1. to ask, request EL26/33, etc; 2. to require (someone to do something) CH731/25; 3. pfp pass as adj required, needed EL139/1, etc

requisicio, -onis, n f request H171/20; IC35/24, etc; LI608/29

resarcio, -cere, -si, -sum v tr to start fresh, renew OX56/28

resartio, -onis n f repair, mending C156/36; resercio C93/21

rescriptum, -i n nt rescript, originally a reply on a point of law from a Roman emperor or magistrate; here rescriptum apostolicum a papal rescript, a decree from the pope LI7/25 [see OEDO rescript]

rescriptus, -a, -um pfp pass literally rewritten (as correction), hence copied, recopied OX1104/35

rescussus, -i n m rescue: rescussum facere literally to make rescue, hence to rescue CH716/37, etc [OEDO rescue v. 2.b., n. 2.]

resedendo var of recedendo [OLD recedo]

residencia, -e n f 1. act of dwelling or residing BR5/32; 2. hence residence, a requirement that cathedral canons holding prebends or other endowments reside at the cathedral to perform liturgical ministry there EL21/28, etc; LI105/15; at St Paul's, particular requirements were imposed at the beginning of one's period of residence, sometimes called prima residencia EL22/36-7; magna residencia major residence, at Lincoln Cathedral, a period in residence of at least 243 days (unless absent on chapter business) LI105/12 [LeNeve, p 133]; 3. in idiom residencia personalis personal residence, a canonical requirement that all curates reside in the parish or other benefice they serve, designed to reduce both pluralism and absenteeism EK975/22, etc; residensia EK977/6

residenciarius1, -i sbst m residentiary, a cathedral canon in residence, LI126/39; EL14/5, etc; also used of cathedral clergy in the post-Reformation Anglican church LI208/11, etc; residensiarius LI192/21

residenciarius 2 see canonicus

resideo, -ere, resedi v intr 1. to reside, dwell, stay C364/14 (prp); WL215/21, etc; see also graduatus; 2. to be in (canonical) residence at a cathedral EL17/19, etc

residuacio, -onis n f a recurrent illness or fever, figuratively W349/17

residuus, -a, -um adj remaining: m pl as sbst residui the rest IC49/29; nt sg as sbst what remains, the remainder IC37/13, etc

resigno, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to hand over, give up OX799/17; 2. hence as intr to resign an office OX7/39

respectiue adv respectively C385/14, etc; W389/24

respectuo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. (+ 'in' and acc of time) to bind over (someone one) until another court session C409/9; 2. to excuse (someone) from an obligation, respite IC43/15

respondeo, -dere, -si, -sum v intr 1. as legal term to answer, reply to (eg, charges or questions) CH50/6, etc; DR248/4, etc; EK26/2, etc; EL171/1, etc; IC45/13; LI347/18, etc; SM424/10, etc; SX30/5, etc; prp as sbst respondent, defendant in a lawsuit EK947/28; 2. as accounting term to be answerable for (eg, a sum of money or other valuable) EK62/16, etc; IC11/25, IC37/21; SM698/20; 3. in pass idiom to be due (eg, in payment of a debt) EL128/4, EL128/11; 4. to answer for (someone's actions or behaviour) CR504/16; IC11/20; 5. (used relationally) to answer to, correspond with EK34/31 [cp OLD respondeo 7 and 15]

responsio, -onis n f reply, hence responsio personalis reply made in person to charges in an ecclesiastical court C326/21, etc; SM130/1

responsorium, -ii n nt responsory, chant usually sung alternately by two persons or groups, based on scriptural texts, which follows the readings at matins in the Benedictine office EK24/32, etc [ODCC RESPONSORY]

responsus, -us n m (legal) reply, response EL230/20

respublica, reipublice n f republic, commonwealth: de republica title of a work by the French political theorist Jean Bodin (1529/30-96), known in English as The Six Books of the Commonwealth EL271/21m

restauratus, -a, -um pfp pass restored, here in the translation of a play title Arcadia Restaurata Arcadia Restored OX309/9

resurgo, -rgere, -rrexi, -rrectum v intr to rise again, especially to rise from the dead EK26/11, etc

resurreccio, -onis n f literally arising; hence the Resurrection, Christ's rising from the dead (Jn 20.1-18) EK980/1, etc; LI106/35, etc; resurrexio Christi Christ's Resurrection, title of a play CR542/16, etc; see also dies

retardacio, -onis n f hindrance, delay LI25/33

retentus, -us n m body of retainers, retinue SH353/13

rethor var of rhetor [OLD rhetor]

rethorice var of rhetorice [OLD rhetorice]

rethoricis var of rhetoricis [OLD rhetoricus]

reticulum, -i n nt in CL a mesh bag or hair-net; here apparently a net cap, glossed by E caul LI583/33 [see OEDO caul n.1 1.]

retorno, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to return (eg, reports or writs) to a court EL230/37; pfp pass returned, used of writs, et al, returned to the issuing court after action CH49/32, etc [see Black's Return]

retribucio, -onis n f (monetary) reward EL242/24

retro adv (referring to time) past CH843/17; see also a

retroactus, -a, -um pfp pass literally having moved back in time: 1. hence (of time) having passed, past IC68/35; see tempus; 2. having happened previously, gone on already SH65/28m

retroscriptus, -a, -um pfp pass having been written previously, already written EK894/10, etc

rettatus, -a, -um adj accused of, charged with (+ 'de' and abl) SH10/15

returnus, -us n m literally the act of returning (something), here in legal idiom returnus brevium return of writs, the act of returning writs to the issuing courts with proof of service EK732/33 [Black's Return]

reuel(l)a, -orum n nt pl revels IC6/12, etc; reuala IC28/36; reuil(l)a IC17/37, etc; see also magister

reuencio, -onis n f revenue EL127/37, etc; LI208/17, etc

reuoco, -are, -aui, -atum v tr literally to bring (something) back into place, hence (of thread) to wind back WL54/12

rewardum see regardum

rex, -gis n m 1. king, ruler IC438/18; 2. a reigning or former monarch BR3/5, etc; C6/36, etc; CH36/5m, etc; CR493/13, etc; DR211/4, etc; EK537/24, etc; EL20/19, etc; H189/12, etc; IC6/19, etc; LI603/5, etc; OX5/14, etc; L116/19, etc; generally SH99/2, SH99/10; specifically the king of England SH10/7, etc; SM182/25, etc; SX182/7, etc; W372/9, etc; WL53/24, etc; 3. as a placename element Bere Regis DR123/2, etc; 4. by extension as a divine title CR528/4; eternus rex the Eternal King, ie, God CH36/24; WL53/25; rex noster our king (in reference to Christ) EK27/11; 5. a ranking, now restricted to heralds, but formerly also applied to minstrels and other household officers WL289/7; 6. one chosen by a parish, college, or Inn to oversee festivities at Christmas time or on a saint's day, a Christmas lord or prince C12/18, etc; IC47/22m, IC47/31m; the king of beans at Merton College OX799/16, etc; rex fabarum OX30/10, etc; rex regni fabarum OX36/20--1, etc; 7. participant in a king game or similar pastime SH343/12; SM231/21, etc; 8. one of the Magi as a character in a play LI104/36, etc; tres Reges Colonie the three kings of Cologne, that is, the Magi (whose relics were believed to be at Cologne Cathedral), characters in an interlude SH173/38; a character, probably King Nebuchadnezzar, in a play LI56/1, etc (see Introduction, p LI421); 9. title of an OT book: Regum liber one of the four Vulgate books of Kings, usually divided in English Bibles into two books of Samuel and two books of Kings, the specific reference here is to 2 Samuel W442/8m; see also ludus

Rhetius, -ii n m Latinization of F name de Retz EK204/13, etc

Ria, -e n f Rye, name of a town EK669/29, etc

ridiculosus, -a, -um adj ridiculous, ludicrous EK308/8

rigina see regina

riotose adv riotously CH681/5, etc; SH264/12, etc

riot(t)a, -e n f riot, public disturbance involving three or more persons LI25/33; SH264/35

rithmicis1 var of rhythmicis [OLD rhythmicus]

rithmicis2, -e adj of or belonging to verse, especially rhyming verse OX7/20

rithmus var of rhythmus [OLD]

rixo var of rixor [OLD]

roba, -e n f 1. gown, an article of dress EK313/9, etc; sometimes one used as a costume: in Shrewsbury, a gown for a participant in the Abbot of Marham game SH178/11; 2. in Cambridge, a vestment for a boy-bishop (it is unclear what vestment is meant, but C54/34-55/5 suggests that 'roba' is not synonymous with the rochet; possibly the same as the 'skarlett Roobe' (C79/39) inventoried in 1505-6) C50/25, C54/35

rocheta, -e n f rochet, a long white vestment, characteristic of bishops and abbots, derived from the alb and worn, like it, beneath the cope or chasuble when celebrating the eucharist; bishops also wear the rochet beneath the chimere (a sleeveless mantle derived from the tabard) as their non-liturgical dress C55/5

Roffa, -e n f Rochester, name of a city EK905/12, etc

Roffensis, -is n f Rochester, name of a diocese EK203/38

rogacio, -onis n f literally the act of asking, here Rogation Sunday, the Sunday before Pentecost W471/28; see also dies

rogus, -i n m rogue, idle and disorderly person L21/28 [Black's Rogue]

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