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portionista, -e n m postmaster, a poor student at Merton College who received an allowance, ie, a portion, of food from the college for his support OX193/39

Portius, -ii n m over-corrected spelling of 'Porcius,' a L name here applied to a mock-jury member because of its similarity to 'porcus,' 'pig' IC464/3

portmotum, -i n nt portmote, local term for a borough court in the county palatine of Chester CH47/33, etc

portus, -us n m 1. gate EK34/16; 2. port, especially one of the Cinque Ports EK731/8c, etc; quinque portus EK310/14-15, etc, or portus alone EK315/13, etc, the Cinque Ports

posicio, -onis n f statement or claim made as part of a suit at law C326/21, etc; CH665/35, etc; EK949/17, etc; EL217/23, etc; hence posiciones additionales supplementary statements added to a series of articles or charges EK949/15, etc; SM40/15, etc

possessio, -onis n f 1. right of possession of property CH723/31, etc; OX259/5, etc; uacua possessio vacant possession, possession unencumbered by a tenant or the like OX259/16--17; 2. the property so possessed OX50/30; see also capio

post1 adv afterwards, later EL214/19, etc

post2 prep with acc 1. after, following (a point in time or an event) EL14/5, etc; 2. after, in pursuit of (a goal or the like) EL246/5

posterim adv afterwards CH56/32

posterior, -ius compar adj 1. later (in time), next (in series): conuiuium posteriorum banquet held in honour of graduands of the later of the two spring commencements, held about four weeks after the Ash Wednesday convocation C372/40 (see also cinis); 2. hence farther away, farther WL12/18; 3. buttocks (here sg for more usual pl): use here involves a pun on the philosophical term a posteriori [OEDO a posteriori advb. (and adj.) phr.] C881/38

post hac var of posthac [OLD]

postpositus, -a, -um pfp pass having been put aside, ignored CH46/37, etc; L26/36

potacio, -onis n f 1. drinking, act of drinking, especially in a social group LI107/33, etc; 2. probably a light meal accompanied by wine C102/8, etc; EK938/8, etc; OX11/9, etc; see also biberium; 3. provision of drink EK612/8, etc; SM8/5

potellum, -i n nt pottle, liquid measure of about two quarts CR492/6, etc; EK60/27, etc; SH129/31, etc

potestas, -atis n f power, control exercised over a subordinate WL22/15, etc

potus, -us n m 1. drink C61/5, etc; LI219/15, etc; OX11/1, etc; 2. in idiom potus caritatis loving cup, a common cup which circulated among the members of a community after a community meal C102/7; OX11/8, etc

Powisia, -e n f Powis, name of a lordship SH129/13

praecognitus, -a, -um pfp pass thought in advance, preconceived; see malitia

praecursorius, -a, -um adj characteristic of a forerunner (referring to St John the Baptist, eponymous patron of St John's College, in his traditional role as the forerunner of Christ) OX305/18

pr(a)edicacio, -onis n f preaching SM239/8; WL80/22

pr(a)efectus, -i n m prefect: 1. title of various senior government officials and military commanders in the Roman Republic and Empire, hence in pl heads of colleges OX101/34, etc; collegiorum prefecti heads of colleges C203/5, etc; 2. steward, a person, either a member of college or a college servant, responsible for overseeing and organizing its catering C263/12; 3. by extension referring to the director of a play OX343/34

praefulgidus, -a, -um adj particularly bright OX306/6

praehabitus, -a, -um pfp pass had in advance, held beforehand OX503/15

praehonorabilis, -e adj most honourable IC462/12

praelectio, -onis n f (academic) lecture OX893/33

praelector, -oris n m reader C578/24; see also lector

pr(a)epositus, - n m 1. warden, administrative officer in a collegiate chapter CR504/27, etc; in Cambridge, title of chief administrative officer of King's College, provost C32/25, etc; in Oxford, provost, title of chief administrative officer in several colleges OX6/39, etc; 2. reeve, a manorial officer SM177/34

praesaga, -ae n m prophet C240/15

pr(a)esto, -are, -iti, -itum v tr 1. to furnish, provide OX94/18, etc; WL247/21, etc; 2. in idioms A. iuramentum prestare to swear or take an oath BR3/26, etc; CH767/31-2; DR275/12-13; EK975/21, etc; EL23/24-5; H143/7-8, etc; L75/19; SH58/12, etc; SM65/91, etc; SX19/33, etc; W389/23; B. obedienciam ... prestare to swear obedience EK977/4-5; obediencia ... ad sancta Dei ewangelia corporaliter prestita obedience sworn corporally upon the holy gospels of God EK975/17-18; C. prestare sacramentum OX441/20, etc, or sacramentum prestare WL4/9--10, to swear or take an oath; see also iuramentum, tactus

pr(a)esul, -lis n f bishop DR171/14, etc; EL17/8, etc (used of a boy bishop)

praetura, -e n f extra or special provisions allotted beyond what was customary C698/14

prandeor, -eri, pransus sum v intr to dine, have dinner OX101/35, etc; prandeo EL18/5

prandium, -ii n nt dinner, the second and most elaborate of the three main meals of the day C8/27, etc; CR464/17, etc; EK938/10, etc; EL18/8; LI122/24, etc; OX3/25, etc; SH127/23; SM177/27, etc; WL50/35; prandeum EK339/4

praxis, -is n f practice, experience OX54/5

preantea adv beforehand, in advance CH770/40; SH264/30

preangustus, -a, -um adj quite narrow, rather constricted WL220/12

prebenda, -e n f 1. provision (of supplies), or the supplies so provided: prebenda equorum horse fodder EK734/22; 2. prebend, literally an endowment established to support a member of a cathedral or other collegiate chapter, a cathedral benefice, hence the district of a cathedral's holdings whose revenues supported a member of the chapter and over which he might acquire a peculiar jurisdiction EK946/6m, etc; EL21/37; H71/27, etc; 3. hence in idiom corpus prebende main source, or bulk, of a prebend's revenue EK953/8, etc

prebendarius, -ii n m prebendary, member of a cathedral chapter supported by a prebend EK946/14, etc; H70/20, etc

prebendatus, -a, -um adj holding a prebend, having been endowed with a prebend EL22/23

prebendus, -i n m prebendary (possibly an idiosyncratic form influenced by E 'prebine') CH305/21

precaucio, -onis n f forewarning, prevention LI6/7

precentor, -oris n m 1. literally leading singer, here a singer going in the lead WL57/22; 2. precentor, member of a cathedral chapter responsible for directing the singing of choir services; adminstratively, the precentor is second to the dean CR504/25; LI125/7, etc; SX14/10

preceps, -ipitis adj literally headlong, hence fast-paced, quick WL8/12, etc

precinctum, -i n nt precinct, area within the walls of a town, cathedral, college, or the like OX47/21; eg, the precinct of Canterbury Cathedral EK305/6; in Cambridge, the area lying within a five-mile radius of the town under the authority of the university and its courts C399/25; the area within or near Oxford under the authority of the University and its courts OX194/27, etc; precinctus (m of the 5th decl) CH78/10

precise adv precisely, exactly OX3/131, etc

preclusio, -onis n f that which closes or bars, hence as legal term preclusio accionis a bar to (further) action EL230/21

preco, -onis n m literally announcer, crier, auctioneer by extension flatterer WL60/10

preconfessatus, -a, -um pfp pass having been stated or claimed earlier C327/4, etc

preconizacio, -onis n f summoning, a formal call made in a church court summoning a cited party three times by name in an audible voice to appear before the court C386/1, etc; EL166/5; H181/16; LI268/4; OX569/7, etc; SM132/4, etc; SX9/14, etc; preconisatio SM129/31

preconizo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to announce, proclaim LI607/4; 2. to summon (someone) formally to appear in a church court C385/40, etc; EK947/29, etc; EL140/20 (pfp pass); H97/30, etc; LI73/16, etc; SH323/25, etc; SX41/2, etc; W381/27, etc; WL236/29, etc (pfp pass); praeconiso EK14/10

predecessor, -oris n m one who precedes in an office, predecessor EL17/1

predepono, -ere, -sui, -situm v tr to formally state or depose before DR124/24; EK949/11, etc; pfp pass as adj formally stated or deposed before C328/28, etc

predicacio, -onis n f preaching LI3/20, etc

predicator, -oris n m 1. preacher LI3/22; SM211/11; OX163/16; 2. hence friar preacher, a Dominican friar LI607/13

predico, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to make mention of, declare LI603/14; 2. to say in the presence of, declare openly CH768/1, etc; 3. hence preach CH768/38; H98/25; LI3/21, etc WL80/21

predico, -ere, -xi, -ctum v tr to say before or above W349/35, hence pfp pass as adj aforesaid CH717/9, etc; CR464/3, etc; DR247/14, etc; EL17/9, etc; H99/27, etc; IC8/5, etc; W350/5, etc; WL215/13, etc

preexceptus, -a, -um pfp pass having been excepted before EL16/5, etc

prefatus, -a, -um adj aforementioned EL25/27, etc; IC11/36, etc

prefero, -ferre, -tuli, -latum v tr to state (something) earlier EL23/7, etc; LI317/23

preficiscor, preficisci, prefectus sum v intr to set out EK62/3 [by confusion with or attraction to OLD proficiscor?]

prefigo, -gere, -xi, -xum v tr to fix or determine (eg, a date) beforehand H58/1; SH6/11

preiudicialiter adv prejudically EK975/37

preiudicium, -ii n nt prejudice, harm, detriment LI103/36

prelatus, -i n m prelate, a senior church dignitary LI7/4

prelibatus, -a, -um adj aforementioned SH119/37; SM239/10; OX76/36

prelibellatus, -a, -um pfp pass charged previously, named or mentioned in a previous charge CH770/32

prelium, -ii n nt battle, conflict; see galliprelium

premencionatus, -a, -um adj aforementioned IC31/27

premitto, -ittere, -isi, -issum v tr 1. to mention before DR247/24; OX530/9; WL215/14, etc; 2. hence pfp pass as adj aforementioned, foregoing CH772/19; EL230/23, etc; LI5/5, LI6/12; SM103/11; 3. nt as sbst what has gone before, the aforegoing, the aforementioned CH47/3, etc; DR248/6; EK308/29, etc; EL18/5, etc; L36/34, etc; LI342/4, etc; OX7/1, etc; SH6/11; SM237/27, etc; SX185/8, etc; WL215/31, etc; 4. nt pl as sbst premises, ie, lands and tenements EL26/35; L82/35, etc [Black's Premises]

premitus adv first, at first, by extension before, already L75/19 [var of OLD primitus?]

premunio, -ire, -iui, -itum v tr 1. to forewarn LI25/6; 2. hence to summon (ie, to answer a charge) IC45/12, etc; 3. premunire inf premunire, name of a statute restricting foreign, especially papal, jurisdiction in England IC466/25, etc

premunicio, -onis n f forewarning, notice in advance OX27/26; WL215/21, etc

prenominatus, -a, -um pfp pass having been named or specified earlier CH767/33, etc; EK305/8; OX74/3, etc; W413/9, etc

prenotatus, -a, -um adj noted before, before-mentioned DR247/25, etc

preobtentus, -a, -um pfp pass having been obtained or gotten earlier W348/34

preoccupo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to occupy beforehand, to take possession of previously LI607/10

preordino, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to arrange beforehand LI607/7

prepositura, -e n f office of the provost LI125/23

prepositus, -i n m provost, an administrative officer in a cathedral chapter LI106/7, etc

presbiter, -eri n m priest, member of the second of the three major orders of clergy, the other two being bishop (episcopus) and deacon (diaconus) EK974/31, etc; EL22/38, etc; LI104/11; SM423/17, etc; presbyter EK823/23, etc; H200/6; SH642/33; W348/31, etc; WL3/7

prescriptus, -a, -um pfp pass aforewritten, abovewritten LI267/23

presencia, -e n f presence: in presencia + gen in the presence of CH843/14, etc; WL289/9, etc

presencialiter adv face to face LI3/15

presens, -entis adj present: 1. existing at the present time LI342/32; in idiom in presenti at the present time LI127/6-7; 2. existing in the same place, at hand CH37/40, etc; LI4/30, etc; as sbst comm pl the present document or letter BR55/19; CH152/13, etc; CR527/21, etc; EK731/7, etc; EL21/15, etc; LI108/20; OX414/13, etc [OLD praesens]

presentacio, -onis n f presentment: 1. the act of presenting a person or persons as guilty of canonical offences or a written copy of the name(s) and charge(s) reported at a presentment; presentments were originally made by churchwardens but later by parish clergy as well C363/26, etc; CH797/31, etc; EK727/9; H175/4; L71/11; SH58/14; SM208/41, etc; 2. act of presenting charges to a secular court, here a town session SM378/16

presentamentum, -i n nt presentment: 1. the act of presenting a person or persons as guilty of canonical offences or a written copy of the name(s) and charge(s) reported at a presentment; presentments were originally made by churchwardens but later by parish clergy as well H151/1, etc; SM140/4, etc; hence liber presentamentorum presentment book, book containing presentment records SM27/11-12; 2. the act of presenting a secular jury's finding SH222/24

presentator, -oris n m literally presenter, one who makes presentment, but here apparently used of the judge in an 'ex officio' church court proceeding as the mover of the case, unless this unidentified judge was also the incumbent of the accused's parish L71/12

presentatus, -i sbst comm one who was present, attendee L75/23

presentes see presens

presento, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to present, give (something to someone) EK203/14; EL18/10; 2. to present, turn over (something to someone) L36/3; 3. to present, used of putting on an entertainment C399/17; 4. to present (a candidate) to a church or other ecclesiastical benefice EK946/13; LI127/5; 5. to present (someone) as in violation of canon law, used of churchwardens, sidesmen, and/or parish clergy EK891/37; H175/30, etc; L22/32; LI266/19, etc; SH115/13, etc; SM185/18; WL235/29, etc; hence absolutely to make presentment, present a list of persons guilty of canonical offences, used of churchwardens and/or parish clergy H69/19; C355/12m; SH115/16; SM233/25, etc; W355/12m; 6. to present findings, used of an officer or jury of a borough court DR282/28, etc; to present the name(s) of the accused or the facts of a case, used of a secular jury LI609/25; used of an inquest jury, whose finding may be about a crime L31/23, L31/28; SH111/30; SM189/9, etc; SX170/38; W451/22, etc or about property holding and other transactions L82/8, L241/18; hence absolutely to make presentment of common-law offences, used of a jury CH781/16, etc; EK968/1, etc; EL230/27, etc; WL127/7

preses, -idis n m 1. presider, one who presides OX313/3; 2. president, the head of a college C141/15; OX73/8, etc; specifically the head of Queens' College, Cambridge C131/25, etc

presidens, -ntis sbst m 1. one who presides, presiding officer, president EL23/22; W350/8; president of a college or chapter OX3/19, etc; president of the Council in the Marches of Wales SH177/1, etc; president of the Council of the North IC201/24; head of Queens' College, Cambridge C120/36, etc; officer presiding over a chapter meeting of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge C578/24 (in form praesidens); 2. one who presides at a liturgical service, presider CH47/12

prestacio, -onis n f act of providing, provision; see iuramentum

prestigia, -e n f trick (of a juggler or other entertainer) C399/16

prestigiator, -oris n m juggler, conjuror C105/31

presto see pr(a)esto

presulatus, -us n m office or state of being a bishop, prelacy EL17/3 (used of a boy bishop)

presumo, -ere, -psi, -ptum v tr to take upon oneself (to do something), used of violators of rules or orders BR5/13; CR463/11, etc; EK308/32, etc; EL4/3; H98/19, etc; LI5/6, etc; SH74/3; SM423/14, etc; W347/13

presumpcio, -onis n f presumption, daring, boldness (with strongly negative connotations) CR504/15; DR247/39

presumptor, -oris n m one who presumes (to do something), used of a violator of rules or orders W347/19

pretensus, -a, -um adj pretended, used as a pretence EL23/3, etc; SM174/12

preteria var of preterea [OLD praeterea]

pretermitto, -ittere, -isi, -issum v tr to let (someone or something) pass unnoticed, let go by OX55/24

pretextus -us n m (legitimate) reason LI608/41

pretor, -oris n m praetor, a Roman magistrate ranking in importance second only to a consul, by extension the mayor of a town C308/26

preuideo, -are, -di, -sum v tr to oversee, provide for, manage (by attraction to senses of provideo [OLD]?) C90/8

preuius, -a, -um adj previous, prior W386/21, etc

prex, precis n f 1. prayer OX139/11, etc; 2. in pl one of the two post-Reformation offices of the Church of England preces diuine divine service LI208/4-5: A. preces matutine morning prayer, matins, the morning office based upon the pre-Reformation offices of matins and prime C364/20; SH119/36; SX23/10; W386/5-6; B. uespertine preces or preces uespertine evening prayer, evensong, the evening office based upon the pre-Reformation offices of vespers and compline EK204/2, EK15/4; H66/38, etc; OX443/40; SH58/28; SM173/5, etc; SX38/37, etc; W378/38; where preces occurs unmodified (EK13/30; H142/34, etc; SH64/39, etc) it is impossible to be sure which is meant; context suggests the principal Sunday service is being referred to, but the occ on EK203/37 clearly refers to evensong; see also matutinus

prima, -e sbst f prime, one of the canonical hours making up the divine office of clerics; prime was said at the first hour of the day, conventionally 6 am, whence the name is derived H200/15, etc

primas, -atis n m primate, metropolitan bishop of an ecclesiastical province EK974/6; OX3/7

primatus, -us n m pre-eminence, hence supreme authority over the Church (here attributed to the pope) EL147/39

primogenitus, -i sbst m first-born son CH57/27, etc

princeps, -ipis (irregular gen princepis OX141/14) n m 1. prince, ruler EL241/3; IC424/31, etc; OX799/19, etc; as ruler of an independent principality EK779/23, etc; OX401/26, etc; WL247/10, etc; applied to the earl of Chester as ruler of his county palatine CH64/38; 2. hence in idiom princeps palatinus prince palatine, palsgrave, one of the electors of the Holy Roman Empire OX401/26--7 [OEDO palatine a.1 and n.1 A.1.b.]; 3. hence title of a college Christmas lord OX209/15, OX209/17; title of an Inn's Christmas lord IC124/27, etc; princeps Natalicius Christmas prince, title given to a Christmas lord at Trinity College OX101/33; 4. a title of the emperor in the early Roman Empire (the Principate), hence referring to a king WL223/4; used with deliberate reference to Caesar Augustus as a title of Queen Elizabeth C238/4, etc; EK946/10; OX138/9, etc; 5. prince, son or son-in-law of the king C63/13; CH57/27, etc; CR493/22; EK47/36, etc; H187/8, etc; IC25/20, etc; LI79/13; OX25/5, etc; SH128/18, etc; SM252/26, etc; SX182/8, etc; W405/18, etc; 6. head, leader, person in the first rank or position CR550/9; DR170/24; OX105/37; WL220/6, etc: see also poeta

princeps, -ipis adj foremost, principal DR170/28

principalis, -e adj 1. chief, principal EL26/10, etc; see also festum, officialis; 2. m as sbst principal, head of a college or hall OX9/3, etc; an administrative officer at Furnival's Inn IC41/3; see also ministrallus

principissa, -e n f princess, daughter of the king SH182/19, etc; principissha OX72/4

prinsessa, -e n f princess, daughter of the king EK103/34

prior, -oris n m 1. prior, either the deputy of an abbot or head of a priory CR527/10; EK27/8; EL24/10; LI341/16; WL217/24, etc; used of the head of the Benedictine cathedral priory at Canterbury EK27/30, etc; used of the head of the Benedictine cathedral priory at Worcester W397/2, etc; 2. in idioms prior datiuus prior dative, one serving at the pleasure of a superior WL215/19; prior electiuus prior elect, one who has been chosen but not yet taken office WL216/37; prior perpetuus perpetual prior, one who serves for life rather than at the pleasure of a superior WL217/22

prior, prius compar adj 1. earlier, previous EK20/12; WL9/26, etc; 2. hence comm pl as sbst the former (of two groups) WL10/23; 3. nt sg used as adv earlier, before EK974/20, etc

prioratus, -us n m priory: 1. a Benedictine religious house dependent upon another monastery, usually a founding house WL215/11, etc; 2. cathedral priory, a monastery or house of canons regular serving a cathedral WL217/29, WL217/33

priorissa, -e n f prioress, either the deputy of an abbess or head of a priory LI317/22

Priscianus, -i n m the grammarian Priscian (fl. AD 500), author of the Institutiones grammaticae, a work on Latin grammar in eighteen books; it circulated in two unequal parts, often referred to as Priscianus maior (Books 1-16) and Priscianus ... minor (Books 17-18 and three minor treatises ad Symmachum) EL19/8

prisona, -e n f prison SH265/32

priuatus, -a, -um adj 1. private, personal, privately owned EL16/2; OX6/25; 2. private, not holding an official position or office EL18/8; see also custos, sigillum

priuilegium, -ii n nt privilege, a special right or exemption OX7/29, etc; in idiom cum privilegio ad imprimendum solum using the privilege of acting as sole printer W539/25

pro prep with abl 1. on behalf of, for the sake of, for CH36/8, etc; EL17/2, etc; IC3/62, etc; LI4/25, etc; 2. on account of, on the basis of, for EL26/28, etc; IC21/36, etc; LI7/6; OX11/7, etc; SX40/33, etc; 3. in payment for, for (goods or services) CH716/20, etc; EL20/11, etc; IC3/5, etc; LI104/35, etc; OX7/10, etc; SX44/29, etc; 4. in exchange for (eg, a sum of money), in place of IC21/38, etc; LI347/31, etc; 5. in view of, as befits, for OX3/22, etc; SX44/10; ~ eo quod because EL128/30; IC10/20, etc; LI105/20, etc; OX8/13; ~ mea uirili for my part OX85/25; ~ parte sua for his part LI32/1, etc; ~ parte (+ gen) for (one's) part IC61/10; ~ suo modo in their own way CH36/6; 6. in the case of, for IC11/20, etc; OX3/23, etc; SX30/10, SX38/16; 7. for the purpose of CH46/38, etc; EL25/38, etc; IC11/32, etc; LI347/15; + gd or gdve IC11/11, etc; LI609/2; 8. in accordance with CH35/38, etc; LI104/14; pro posse nostro to the best of our ability LI4/28; 9. on account of, for CH46/39, etc; 10. for, as CH46/24, etc; EL238/9, etc; IC46/35, etc; 11. (with action of calling, choosing, or summoning) for IC76/26, etc; SX9/14, etc; 12. for, in order to obtain IC72/12; LI5/18, etc; 13. by way of, as LI6/32, etc; 14. in the case of, for LI35/102; 15. (of time) for, on CH77/40, etc; EL125/26, etc; IC6/10, etc; OX32/12, etc; for the duration of LI319/35, etc; ~ futuro in future IC56/35; pro hac vice on this occasion, this time SX40/15, etc; ~ perpetuo in perpetuity, forever IC40/39; pro tunc then, at that time CH47/12 (written as one word); IC21/40; LI125/22 (written as one word); OX11/26, etc (written as one word OX15/35); see also tempus

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