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lerua see larua

les see la

leta, -e n f leet court or a session thereof LI171/39, etc

Letus, -i n m fictive name formed on the root of 'leta,' 'leet-court': see Amantius Letus

leudatum, -i n nt something played, apparently here a polyphonic song LI333/1 [from CL ludere?]

leuis, -e adj light; see panis

leuo, -are, -aui, -atum 1. literally to lift up, raise, put up (an object) LI8/7, etc; hence to raise or rouse (a group) CH717/21; 2. in legal idiom to raise or levy a sum of money (eg, an assessment or a bond) C133/7, etc; CH718/391, etc; L19/37, etc; LI320/14, etc; W387/9; WL111/26, etc; see also aries

lex, legis n f law EK872/32; EL15/33, etc; L21/34; SH265/2, etc; SM189/14, etc; W394/8; de Legibus On the Laws, title of a work by Plato (c 429-347 BC) SM193/21m [OCD]; in idiom uadere sibi legem to wage one's law, that is, to offer an oath of one's innocence, to be supported by the oaths of others, acting as compurgators WL129/21, etc; hence with 'uadere' understoood lex iii manu a law (to be waged) with three compurgators WL128/35m; by extension the action of offering such a oath WL129/22[see OEDO wage v, wager sb 2]; see also bacchalaureus, doctor, licentiatus, peritus

lez see la

libello, -are, -aui, -atum v intr to make a charge in a suit in an ecclesiastical court EK947/30

libellus, -i n m libel: 1. formal listing of claims on which witnesses are deposed EL171/16; 2. formal listing of charges made by a plaintiff in a suit in an ecclesiastical court CH665/35; DR123/1, etc; EK949/30; SM368/7, etc; 3. by extension an individual charge EK947/30; 4. libellous or slanderous material SM311/19

liber, -era, -erum adj free; see condicio

liber, libri n m book LI137/13, etc; liber officialis office book, a court book containing the records of office cases LI336/8

liberacio, -onis n f 1. deliverance, here referring to the deliverance of the king from the Gunpowder Plot (1605) C401/22; 2. delivery (of money or goods) H108/19; 3. livery, clothing of a set pattern provided by a city or other corporate body for various officers, often including waits EK317/34

liberatum, -i n nt 1. livery, clothing of a set pattern provided by a city or other corporate body for various officers, often including waits EK315/13, etc; liberata (f) LI112/13m, etc; SH130/32, etc; 2. hence those loyal to a particular person or group, a faction LI25/33 [cp OEDO livery n. 3.a.]; 3. provision (eg, of food or drink) IC32/4; liberata (f) EL14/7

liberatura, -e n f livery, clothing of a set pattern provided by a city for some of its officers(including waits) or by a monarch for his or her servants C68/7, etc; EK316/17, etc; LI35/9m, etc

libero, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to free, release (eg, from custody) C241/14; EK974/24; 2. to deliver, to hand over, to give (eg, a payment) C3/14, etc; EK60/17, etc; H101/12, etc; IC32/6 (pfp pass); SM178/2, etc; WL288/11; 3. to deliver, convey (eg, property) CH49/31m, etc

libertas, -atis n f 1. liberty, freedom OX180/11, etc; 2. hence collectively the liberties of a borough, ie, its privileged legal and administrative status, and especially its right to self-government and its own courts, enjoyed only by those residents who were burgesses BR59/37, etc; OX192/4, etc; or the liberties of the university, especially its right to self-government and self-discipline by its own officers, courts, and procedures C296/1, etc; OX529/25; or the freedom of the church from secular intervention DR247/20; 3. by extension the territory to which the liberties applied EK594/20; SH263/31, etc; the liberties of a borough or the territory to which they apply CH62/17, etc; LI207/6; 4. liberty, a district made up of several manors held by the same lord, over which he exercised a common lordship SX171/22 [Black's Manor, OEDO liberty n.1 7.c.]; 5. a right or privilege granted as part of a feudal holding CH65/18 [cp OEDO liberty n.1 7.a.]

libitum, -i sbst nt will, pleasure IC44/8, etc; LI155/7 [OLD libita]

libra, -e n f 1. balance, scale SH229/9?; 2. pound (measurement of weight) EK34/17, etc; IC4/9, etc; LI104/6, etc; OX21/12, etc; SM248/38; 3. hence pound (currency denomination) CH46/27, etc; EK779/32, etc; EL128/7, etc; IC49/13, etc; L19/34, etc; LI341/21, etc; OX9/9, etc; SH229/9?, SH265/40; W387/5, etc; WL13/4, etc

licencia, -e n f 1. permission, freedom (to do something) CH47/12, etc; EK909/28, etc; IC40/17, etc; L82/11, etc; SH273/32; SM311/14; W348/33; WL12/35, etc; 2. formal permission, licence CR527/8, etc; EK87/5, etc; EL22/5, etc; LI606/19, etc; OX98/23, etc; SM397/10, etc; in legal idiom licentia loquendi permission to plead EK967/16-17, etc

licencio, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to allow, permit, license C399/31; LI3/24; 2. especially to license (someone) to lecture in a given subject OX427/16; 3. pfp pass licensed (eg, for publication), a pun on the English 'licentious' may also be intended C871/37

licenciatus, -i m sbst 1. licentiate, one holding the licentiate degree: hence in legibus licentiatus SM173/37; 2. also used as synonym of lit(t)eratus: a summoner SX178/9

Lichfeldensis, -e adj of or belonging to Lichfield, name of a diocese CH46/22

Lichfeldia, -e n f Lichfield, name of a town and diocese SH177/1

lichnus var of lychnus [OLD]

liciscus, -i n m dog, hound OX37/23

ligacio, -onis n f act of fastening or binding W349/34

ligatus, -a, -um pfp pass literally having been tied, hence bound (of a book) EL19/9

ligearia, -e n f allegiance, loyalty SH265/1

ligeus, -i n m liege, liege subject CH78/30, etc; SH264/14, etc; SM369/38, etc; W395/10; WL237/11, etc

ligittimo var of legitimo [OLD legitimus]

lignarius, -a -um adj 1. of or pertaining to wood; see faber; 2. nt sg as sbst a place where wood or lumber is kept, eg, lumber yard, wood shed, or lumber room? C121/37

lignum, -i n nt wood: 1. by extension a tree, used in Christian Latin to refer to the Cross on the basis of NT references to Dt 21.23 EK980/31; 2. a stump or post LI5/17

ligo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr literally to tie, bind, hence to restraint LI5/11

ligula, -e n f either 1. strap, lace, point or 2. short sword C157/25 [OLD]

lilium, -ii n nt lily, hence the fleur-de-lys, heraldic device symbolizing France SH98/32

limen, -inis n nt literally threshold, by extension threshold of a church or the chuch itself, hence limina Apostolorum Petri & Pauli the Roman basilicas of St Peter and St Paul outside the Walls EL18/36-19/1

limitator, -oris n m limiter, one that acts within limits; see frater

limito, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to impose limits or restrictions C582/39; 2. to assign within limits, appoint EK947/2

limositas, -atis n f mudiness WL222/23

Lincolnia, -e n f Lincoln: 1. name of a city LI103/14, etc; 2. name of a county IC200/33; LI608/25, etc; 3. name of an earldom Lincolna LI302/3; Lyncolna LI304/9

Lincolniensis, -i n f Lincoln: 1. name of a diocese LI3/5, etc; Lincolnensis EK203/38; 2. name of a college and a diocese Lyncolniensis OX498/29, etc; 3. name of an archdeaconry LI132/13, etc; 4. name of an earldom CH45/6; EK204/20

Linliacus, -i n m Lindley, a town in Leicestershire OX428/35

linteum, -i n nt 1. piece of linen cloth EK26/32, etc; 2. coll in pl linen clothing, especially that sometimes required as penitential dress EK20/11, etc; 3. hence piece of linen clothing W355/10

linthiamen, -inis n nt linen clothing CH616/10; OX8/34; SX24/39 [OLD linteamen]

linthuus, -i n m in CL a trumpet, curved at one end, used for military signals, here apparently indicating an instrument used for entertainment or ceremonial purposes CR540/13 [var of OLD lituus]

linura, -e n f lining (ie, for clothing) LI583/22

liquide adv clearly LI208/9

lira see lyra

liripipium, -ii n nt liripipe, the long tail of an academic hood, hence possibly hood OX47/21

liticen, -inis n m literally one who plays upon the 'lituus,' hence trumpeter; it is not clear how it would be distinguished in use from cornicen and tubicen CR540/13

lit(t)era, -e n f 1. literally a letter of the alphabet WL4/1, etc; 2. hence (both sg and coll pl) letter, epistle CH46/31, etc; CR504/9, etc; DR247/7, etc; EK974/13, etc; EL20/39, etc; LI341/10; OX50/21, etc; W394/11; WL218/5; contra litteras Petilani 'Against Petilian's letter,' title of a controversial work of St Augustine CH808/9; littere apostolice papal letter WL216/35; littera certificatoria or littere certificatorie certificatory letter, letter containing a formal certification as required by an ecclesiastical authority WL215/25; here of an accused party's performance of penance EK20/17; littere citatorie letter of citation, letter containing a formal citation to appear before an ecclesiastical court EK307/41; littere excommunicacionis letter of excommunication, letter containing the record of the proclamation of excommunication promulgated against an offender in a church court EK900/9, etc; literae mandatoriae mandatory letter, one containing an order or command OX360/33; littere patentes letter patent, a type of formal communication (eg, a royal decree) sent in the form of a letter not closed by a seal C399/5, etc; CH55/26m, etc; CR504/18 (patentes littere); DR248/8; EL125/12m; H58/1; LI606/21, etc; SH6/11; SM175/7; W350/10; littere testamoniales EK611/34 or ~ testimoniales EK872/34, etc, testimonial letter, letter witnessing to a given fact or claim in an ecclesiastical court; 3. literary works or pursuits OX56/27; hence study, scholarship, learning, education C267/17, etc; DR170/33, etc; OX89/34, etc

litterarius, -a, -um adj 1. of or pertaining to literature or literary studies, literary C132/39, etc; OX106/20; 2. lettered, ie, literate, educated SM879/30; see also ludus, mandatarius

litteratorie adv in written form, in writing EK947/26

litteratus, -a, -um adj 1. lettered, learned EK954/41; OX90/7; SM879/30; 2. m as sbst literally a lettered man, a literate person, apparently a short form of litteratus mandatarius: summoner, officer of the ecclesiastical courts with special responsibility for delivering citations to appear in court to accused persons SX9/12, etc; see also mandatarius

litterula, -e n f couch, bed EL15/24 [diminutive of DML 2 littera]

Liuius, -i n m Titus Livius, or Livy (59 BC-AD 17), a Roman historian, whose work Ab urbe condita traced the history of Rome from its foundation SM199/34m [OCD]; see also decas

lixa, -e n m servant, camp-follower EK203/25 [cp OEDO blackguard n. and a. A.1.b.]

locatio, -onis n f literally act of placing or locating, placement, here by extension a place set aside for some activity, location IC232/15, etc

locumtenens, -ntis sbst m lieutenant, deputy, representative, locum C399/30; OX529/31, etc; written as two words C147/22, etc; CH47/13-14; EK341/18-19; OX7/1, etc

locus, -i n m 1. place CH36/5, etc; OX6/15, etc; rendered as 'locke' as part of a pun in a macaronic text OX363/34; 2. in idiom tenens locum lieutenant, deputy, locum CH44/38

logia, -e n f hut, shed LI607/8

Londoniensis, -is sbst f London, name of a city EL18/36, etc; OX34/7; Londinensis EL147/38; IC200/31; OX315/24; Londoniencis EK758/14

Londinum, -i n nt London, name of a city C238/10; EK100/23, etc; EL139/38; IC125/7, etc; SM357/41; WL8/17m; Londonium EK734/7, etc; H189/13, etc; Londonia (f) EK52/36, etc; EL97/9, etc; LI59/2m; OX7/22; SH167/5; Londonum IC125/14

Loquabria, -ae n f Lochaber, a region of the western Highlands OX315/3

lorum, -i n nt strap or thong C121/10

lotor, -oris n m a launderer C610/37

lotrix, -cis n comm 1. properly a laundress C6/35, etc; SM174/11; applied to a launderer C203/19; 2. apparently acting as suname Lavender SM181/40; here acting as surname of petitioner to a Christmas prince, possibly standing for E surname Lavender IC493/12 [Reaney]

lot(t)us, -i n m lot, portion, hence due, customary payment; see scot(t)um

Lucanus, -i n m Roman cognomen or one of its holders, especially Marcus Annaeus Lucanus (39--65), Lucan, author of Bellum Civile, a poem on the Roman Civil War OX304/5

Lucas, -e n m Luke, name of one of the evangelists CH717/25, etc; hence the Gospel of Luke CH807/29, etc

lucerunt var of luserunt: see ludo

Lucretia, -ae n f Lucretia, a (probably legendary) Roman noblewoman, whose rape by Sextus Tarquinius was believed to have sparked the rebellion that founded the Roman republic, here the title of a play OX281/30

luctamen, -inis n nt literally struggle, here by confusion with the related luctatio [OLD], wrestling match C987/26

luculencius compar adv more clearly LI32/2

luda, -e n m player EK756/37

ludator, -oris n m 1. player, here especially a local or parish player EK825/23, etc; 2. player, participant in an unspecified pastime, musical performance, or play IC36/5

ludibrium, -ii n nt 1. literally playful or frivolous behaviour, usually derisive or insulting, hence some scurrilous or otherwise improper performance BR5/37; C4/1, etc; CR463/12; LI351/5; SH5/31; 2. applied particularly to the seasonal misrule of the minor clergy at cathedrals or collegiate churches CR503/30; LI762/11, etc; SH74/2; SM236/18, etc

ludicer, -cra, -crum adj 1. of or pertaining to entertainment; pleasant, entertaining C149/19; (with 'res' understood) DR171/19?; 2. nt as sbst A. pleasantry, entertaining remark DR171/20; OX381/19; B. public entertainment, show, play DR171/19?; OX37/34; the occurrence on OX177/34 represents a play on both senses, though the first is primary there [possibly formed from ludicrum]

ludicrum, -i n nt public entertainment, show, play C213/30, etc

ludificatus, -a, -um pfp pass put on, performed LI125/13

ludimagister, -tri n m schoolmaster LI208/20; WL235/25, etc

ludio, -onis n m player C149/20; OX309/11

luditor, -oris n m player LI82/29, etc

ludo, -dere, -si, -sum v tr to play, with various significances: 1. play, sport, engage in diversions CH36/7; OX6/24; ludans EK907/38; lutebant EK906/12; 2. to play a sport or game, engage in a pastime (eg, a Christmas or May game) BR3/7; CH68/27 (exact sense unclear); DR170/25; EK907/17, etc; IC11/11 (here a staged joust); L21/30; LI103/34, LI193/23, LI350/30? (exact sense unclear); OX5/29, OX19/12; SH200/7, SH200/37, SH201/1, SH202/27; SM177/39, SM183/19; SX185/36; WL216/32?; hence to play, sport (used without specification, exact sense unclear) C14/2, etc; CR493/30, CR498/29; EK909/15?; OX19/17, etc; SH14/3?, SH182/31?, SH186/3?, SH195/35, SH197/17, SH197/19, SH200/35?, SH201/15?; SM415/19, etc; SX212/11, SX212/13; WL129/22?; 3. to play music C38/14?; CH221/20, CH221/28; EK70/5?, EK333/19?, EK535/22, EK537/3, EK537/6; H99/28?; IC90/35; lucerunt IC91/28; L35/34; OX404/29; SH182/31?, SH186/3?, SH200/35?, SH201/15?, SH277/21; WL8/19; 4. to play a play or interlude C238/25; CH48/4; DR121/8; EK909/15?, EK765/5; LI122/23, LI185/18, LI319/28, LI320/8, LI333/13, LI350/30?; OX137/30, OX450/12, OX457/29; SH189/27 (cp ll.29-30), SH354/36; SM248/38; WL216/32?; hence to play a part CH52/22, CH62/19; 5. to dance SH14/3?; 6. ludere ad or ludere with dat to play a sport or game of chance, hence often to gamble C202/38(2), C259/28(2); CR465/6; EK909/26, EK909/34, EK909/38, EK912/2, EK912/3, EK912/6, EK939/12; L77/19; LI7/18(2); OX56/23; SM238/2, SM238/4; W348/5; WL129/22?; prp as sbst player, gambler CR465/7; OX6/37; 7. prp as sbst player, participant in an unspecified sport, pastime, musical performance, play, or interlude IC4/27; L77/18(2x); OX24/32; SH159/24, etc; SX187/26; W399/13, etc; WL79/19

ludus, -i n m 1. game, sport, play, pastime; with various significances (which are sometimes difficult to distinguish IC4/7, etc):

  1. game of chance or one on which wagers are laid (including some board games) C132/28?, C132/37?; EK939/13, etc; OX6/31, etc: ludi aleae dice games CH812/17m; ludi inhonesti W348/4?, ludi noxii & illiciti W349/1; ludi noxii uel prohibiti EK930/6?; ludus aleatorius dice game OX98/20; ~ scaccorum game of chess OX6/31; ludus vetitus WL216/28; taxillorum ~ game of knuckle-bones or dice OX6/31;

  2. game, sport LI5/17, LI5/18, LI5/20, LI5/21; LI8/7?, LI8/8, LI109/17; ludus sperilarius a ball game, possibly tennis [see Latham s.v. sphera] OX1090/44;

  3. sport, (folk) game, popular pastime C132/28?, C132/37?; CR464/2, CR472/25; EK930/6?, EK930/13, EK938/19m, etc; LI5/22, LI6/11, LI8/7?, LI342/35?, LI350/31?, LI351/5?; OX5/2m, OX12/16, OX12/31, OX12/37, OX13/8, OX13/14, OX48/30, OX55/5, OX197/21m, OX209/4? (probably an occurrence of sense 1.h: use of the phr ludi inhonesti, frequent in the prohibitions of such pastimes to clerics and students, is likely an attempt to explain the exclusion of external players on the same grounds); SH115/26?; SM117/39, SM183/18; SM238/13, SM238/15 (in both occ, apparently an outdoor pastime linked with dance); SM423/14; WL78/29, etc; used of Shrewsbury's Whitsun play SH191/14; communis ludus SH115/25? (the monastic usage of communis ludus to describe a period of rest and recreation for the community may have influenced the choice of words here, see pp SH649-50 (endnote to Leighton: 'Register' p 106)); ludi de rege & regina probably a summer game with a summer king and queen W348/5; ludi inhonesti CR463/10; SH74/3; W348/4?; W349/34 (hock day activities); ludi noxii DR247/7, DR247/25 (both occ apparently pastimes linked with dance); ludi siue interludia H57/19?; ludi teatrales CR463/11-12 (occ of 'ludus' in Quinel's Statutes (CR463-4) apparently refer to outdoor activities and are linked with wrestling and dance); H/57/7m?, H57/7?; ludi vocati somergamys EK912/7; turpes et inhonesti ludi EK938/19, EK939/20; SX3/11-12 (outdoor activity in churchyards, also linked in EK occ with dance);

  4. the seasonal misrule of the minor clergy LI3/16, LI3/17, LI4/12, LI108/18; SM236/14; ludi inepti & noxii CR503/28-9; ludi inhonesti CR503/20m; ludi siue interludia H57/19?; SH5/39?; ludus theatralis H/57/7m?, H57/7?; SH5/28-9m?, SH5/29?; SM236/16-17, SM236/33; occ at SM238/27 and SM239/2 describe both lay pastimes put on in Whitsunweek and the seasonal misrule of the minor clergy; ludi theatrales & inhonesti SX4/16 (seasonal misrule by vicars choral as well as minor clergy at a cathedral);

  5. play on a religious or historical theme or subject (often based on the Bible or saints' lives) C5/28; CH55/34, CH55/35, CH56/27, CH56/36 (also a a pageant within a larger play CH52/22, CH78/23?); EK65/29?, EK647/5, etc (frequent in Lydd and New Romney accounts referring to the New Romney plays); LI104/22, etc; OX7/12?, OX34/19?, OX38/20?, OX38/26?, OX63/24? (all possibly occurrences of sense h); SH172/1; SM241/35, SM242/12, SM243/18; luda EK9/40;

  6. play apparently on a classical model (in Oxford, frequently used of university or college drama from the middle of the sixteenth century, probably under neo-Latin influence) DR172/12, DR172/34; OX137/14, etc; ludus scenicus OX232/33 or ~ scaenicus C578/11-12m, etc, ~ theatralis OX142/24--5 or ~ theatricus OX185/34, etc, stage play; luda C344/16;

  7. entertainment, 'play,' of an unspecified kind, sense unclear but not necessarily dramatic B3/9, etc; C50/18, etc; CH36/7?, CH78/23?; CR489/23, CR490/9; EK732/26, etc; EL3/9, etc; L21/30; LI6/4, LI79/16, LI83/7, LI125/11, LI342/35?; LI350/31?, LI351/5?; OX30/30, etc; SH161/20, SH193/17; SM8/5, SM8/6, SM8/9, SM8/111, SM8/112, SM8/12, SM8/13, SM231/27 (possibly occ of sense 1.b); W348/15; ludi siue interludia SH5/39?; ludi theatrales C3/28; SH5/28-9m, SH5/29; ~ musicalis an entertainment with music OX94/38?; hence clamatores ludi play criers, probably synonymous with 'bann criers' EK752/21 (cp banna);

2. performance (of a play, etc) C84/29, C88/10 (of classical plays); EK738/5; 3. play text EK751/16; 4. act of playing a musical instrument: ludus lire playing the harp OX10/32; ~ musicalis musical performance OX94/38?; 5. dancing CH178/1 (glossed as 'morris dawns'); 6. sport, jest CH36/7?; ludum facere to make jest (used absolutely but with an implied object), here apparently a form of rough music [cp OEDO basin n. 4. and mortar n.1] EK594/23, EK823/11-12; ~ facere (+ acc) to make sport of OX894/19; 7. in CL a festival or set of public games, plays, or competitions, held in the circus or the theatre, often in connection with a religious festival CH812/8; 8. school: ~ gladiatorius fencing school OX98/21; ~ literarius grammar school DR170/23; ~ saltatorius dancing school OX98/21; hence ludi magister SH115/10 or ludimagister SH22/42 schoolmaster

lumen, -inis n nt light: 1. a candle or group of candles to be burned in honour of a saint in a church or chapel and sometimes brought there processionally EK690/32, EK826/4?; LI24/29, etc; 2. processional torch or candle CH55/36, etc; EK826/4?; LI27/34, LI30/10

luminare, -is n nt light: 1. a candle or group of candles to be burned in honour of a saint in a church or chapel and brought there processionally LI107/35; 2. processional torch or candle CH78/23; EK100/28; W340/n97

Luna, -e n f the Moon OX310/12, etc; with 'dies' understood Lune Monday CR424/37, etc; H79/24; OX84/26; see also dies

lupinarius, -a, -um adj of or pertaining to prostitutes or prostitution; see domus

lupulatus, -a, -um adj made from or flavoured with hops, hopped; see ceruisia

lusiator, -oris n m player, participant in an unspecified play, pastime, or entertainment SH206/17

lusio, -onis n f 1. play (of an unspecified kind but here clearly in a written form), play-text H112/23; 2. performance (of a play) LI192/24; (of music) OX57/15

lusor, -oris n m player, participant in a sport, pastime, play, interlude, or other entertainment: 1. used absolutely, exact sense unclear C14/19, etc (some or all of these possibly occ of sense 3); IC4/7, etc; LI333/21, etc; OX30/32, etc; SM255/32; SX184/16, SX184/35, SX185/17, SX186/1?, SX186/10; 2. players under royal, noble, or other patronage, with the nature of the entertainment often unspecified C112/2, C114/13; EK69/3, etc; H121/34, etc; LI38/3, etc; OX73/8, etc; SH194/27, etc (in SH191/35 lusores and interlusores are distinct but apparently providing a mixed entertainment including music); SX184/17, etc; 3. local player, usually with the name of the town or parish expressed C49/36, etc; CR494/20; EK732/34, etc; OX20/35; SH190/7, SH190/11; SX185/37, SX185/381, SX185/38-186/1, SX186/1?; W404/23, W411/24; WL235/33, etc; participants in a May game SH188/4; participants in Shrewsbury's Whitsun play SH172/4, SH191/15; 4. used absolutely, as a synonym of ministrallus EK70/1; 5. dancer C16/12?; 6. puppet-player: lusores cum popetys SX184/15

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