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idolum, -i n nt image, hence an image representing one of the pagan gods, an idol WL79/28, etc

Idus, -uum n f the ides, the thirteenth, or (in March, May, July, and October) the fifteenth, day of a month: in the Roman dating system, all other days of a month were designated by counting backwards from three fixed points, its nones (the fifth or seventh day), its ides, and the calends, or first day, of the following month DR248/9; Ydus EL245/5, etc [Cheney, pp 146-7]

ieiunium, -ii n nt fasting; see dissolucio

Ieremias, -e n m Jeremiah, an OT prophet or the biblical book named for him EL239/1, etc; LI4/26

Ierusalem indecl n Jerusalem, here the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, still nominally attached to the Holy Roman Empire EK779/22, etc

Iesuanus, -a, -um adj of or pertaining to Jesus College, Cambridge; hence m pl as sbst men of Jesus College, probably the students C586/37

Iesuita, -ae n m a Jesuit OX178/25

Iesus, -u n m Jesus, used in nom or gen as short form of name of Jesus College, Cambridge, in identifying members of that college C433/32; see collegium

ignis, -is n m fire: 1. hence by extension, in pl the glowing coals or embers in a fire OX270/4; 2. a celebratory occasion marked by the lighting of a fire around which a group gathered OX11/15, etc; ~ capitularis OX30/17--18m, etc, or ~ capituli OX30/17 chapter fire, such a fire held by a college chapter; ~ magistrorum regentium OX29/2--4m or ~ regens OX57/34m or ~ regentium OX29/3, etc, regents' fire, such a fire held by the regent masters in a college

ignitegium, -ii n nt curfew, time at which fires are banked or extinguished OX11/9, etc

ignoramus 1st per pl pr of ignoro, we do not know, we are unaware [OLD], finding by an inquest jury of insufficient evidence for a true bill, ie, an indictment EK968/10; SH274/39m

Ignorantius, -ii n m fictive L nomen for a mock-jury member formed from the root of 'ignorantia,' 'ignorance' IC463/35

Ilias, -adis n f the Iliad, an epic poem of the Trojan War attributed to Homer SM192/24m

illuminatus, -a, -um pfp pass lit, alight (of candles or the like) EK78/24

im(m)ediate adv immediately, at once H64/36, etc; LI5/27, etc; OX11/13, etc; SH342/1, etc; SM178/5, etc; SX38/37; W378/3; inmediate OX27/22; SM183/1

immense adv extremely, excessively SH10/25

immorigerus, -a, -um adj disobliging, disobedient C399/27; OX530/12

immunitas, -atis n f immunity, exemption EL184/14; here in idiom ecclesiatica immunitas ecclesiastical immunity, the church's freedom from secular jurisdiction over the clergy and consecrated buildings or other spaces BR3/25; DR247/20

imparco, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to impound, shut up (cattle, et al) in an enclosure CH717/5

impello, -ellere, -uli, -ulsum v tr to push, drive, hence (of a breeze) to move by blowing, to stir WL4/16; see also aer

imperator, -oris n m in CL title of a military commander taken up by the Roman emperors; general, emperor: 1. the Holy Roman Emperor EK128/37m; 2. here applied to the king IC666/23; 3. a leader of student festivities at Trinity College, probably a Christmas lord C150/31

imperpetuum adv for in perpetuum [OLD perpetuus]

impetio, -ere, -ii, -itum v tr literally to attack, hence to bring legal proceedings against LI608/17

impetratio, -onis n f suing out (eg, of a writ) IC7/10

impetro, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to obtain (a request or prayer) LI6/5; 2. to bring suit (for), sue (for) LI342/22, etc

impetuose adv in haste, impetuously WL223/14

impono, -onere, -osui, -ositum v tr 1. to place or lay upon or over OX137/4; used of a cloth badge to be appliquéd onto the waits' coats LI35/22; 2. hence to mount (a person on an animal) CH36/5; 3. to put in, house CH74/18; 4. to fix, impose LI603/7; OX136/2; hence to impose a tax, to levy OX282/7; 5. to assign, confer, hence to bestow (a sum of money), pay out OX237/22, etc [see DML imponere 19 and OLD impono 14]

importabilis, -e adj unbearable, insupportable EL21/28

importo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to carry, bear EK755/29

imposterum adv for in posterum [OLD posterus]

impraesentia adv at the present, now OX107/12

impregnascor, -nari, -natus v intr to be made pregnant SM85/23

imprecor, -ari, -atus sum v intr (+ dat) to curse, ill-wish (someone): in impersonal construction uae sit eis imprecatum woe betide them! OX6/23--4

impressor, -oris n m printer W539/24

imprimo, -ere, -essi, -essum v tr to print, publish C881/39; see priuilegium

improuisus, -a, -um adj literally unexpected, unforeseen, hence (of persons) unprepared, not ready WL57/25

inaduertencia, -e n f carelessness, inattention OX12/27

inauguracio, -onis n f the formal accession of a monarch; see dies, festum

incarceracio, -onis n f imprisonment, a judicial sentence of imprisonment C480/4; OX5/6, etc

incarcero, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to imprison, impose a sentence of imprisonment C308/32, etc; EK755/31; OX7/37, etc; 2. pfp pass put into prison, gaoled SM399/20

incarnacio, -onis n f incarnation; see an(n)us

incautus, -a, -um adj either imprudent or unsafe OX12/30, OX12/37

incensans, -ntis sbst m one who censes, hence a thurifer LI105/24

incensus, -us n m incense EK25/14

incentiuum, -i sbst nt incitement, inducement EL21/8

incisor, -oris n m one who cuts, here by extension cutting edge: incisor ferri 'Iron edge,' attempt to render the name Taillifer into Latin SX212/16

inclaresco, -escere, -ui v intr to grow bright, shine OX232/40

inclusiuus, -a, -um adj enclosed (used, eg, of land) EK956/5

incognitus, -a, -um adj unaware of (something), having no knowledge of EL230/25

incollatus, -a, -um pfp pass incurred C225/5

incongruus, -a, -um adj incongruent, not fitting, inappropriate WL79/16

incontinencia, -e n f (sexual) incontinence DR275/11; WL217/10

incontinenti for in continenti [OLD continens]

incorrigibilis, -e adj incapable of being corrected, incorrigible SM143/34

incrementum, -i n nt literally growth, increase: 1. hence the process by which something is increased, intake; here by extension proceeds, taking, income OX33/3; SM708/26, etc; 2. an increased payment, rise EL231/10

incubus, -i n m incubus, an evil spirit that overlies a sleeper, either to suffocate them or to have sexual intercourse with them, here used as the fictive cognomen of a mock-jury member: Andreas Incubus 'Andrew Incubus' IC464/6

incumbens, -entis prp resting on, being supported upon OX306/1

incurro, -rere, -ri, -sum v intr incur, bring (a penalty) upon oneself H57/24; OX27/28; SH6/4; SM237/29, etc

indebite adv unsuitably, inappropriately SM174/21

indebitus, -a, -um adj unsuitable, inappropriate SM174/12

indefensus, -a, -um pfp pass undefended, without (legal) defence EL230/22

indefinenter adv without limits, unreservedly EK912/4

indempnis, -e adj safe, harmless WL8/13

indempnitas, -tatis n f freedom from harm, safety OX12/35

indentatus, -a, -um adj 1. indented, ie, having the top or bottom edge cut on a zigzag, used of either half of a legal document drawn up in duplicate on a single sheet and then separated by cutting along a zigzag line; one half was given to each party affected by the document, and the matching indentations authenticate the halves SX170/27, etc; W412/6; 2. here by extension to be set or decorated with EL15/6

indentura, -e n f indenture, an indented legal document CH462/16, etc; DR296/2; one governing the terms of an apprenticeship LI323/6, etc; often a deed of conveyance CH153/16, etc; EL25/23, etc; W413/31, etc

indeuote adv undevoutly, disrespectfully EL16/18

indeuotus, -a, -um adj not devout, impious LI3/10

indicibilis, -e adj unspeakable SM174/22

indictatus, -a, -um pfp pass indicted CH694/17m; LI609/29; OX8/13; SM251/9; indicatus CH116/3

indies for in dies [OLD dies]; see also dies

indirectus, -a, -um adj undirected, hence misguided EL21/32

indiscrete adv improvidently, recklessly EK909/35

indiscretus, -a, -um adj foolish, ill-considered OX32/21, etc

indorsatus, -a, -um pfp pass written as an endorsement, endorsed CH727/11, etc

induco, -cere, -xi, -ctum v tr 1. to bring in, introduce (eg, a witness) OX42/2, etc; 2. to induct (someone) to a post or office OX45/28

inductio, -onis n f act of bringing or leading in: inductio Maij bringing in May, presumably a pastime involving bringing in a maypole LI3/17; inductio ... Autumpni bringing in autumn, a parallel festivity celebrating the harvest LI3/17

induitus, -a, -um pfp pass for indutus [OLD induo]

indulgencia, -e n f indulgence: in mediaeval canon law and theology, a grant of remission for temporal penalties of sin CR491/5m, CR491/9 [ODCC]

indumentum, -i n nt literally clothing, here referring to costuming for play characters SM249/3

industriosus, -i sbst m an energetic person WL264/5

ineptus, -a, -um adj unsuitable, unfit EL14/19

inexpectato adv unexpectedly, without warning OX308/20

inferi, -orum sbst m pl the lower, ie, infernal, regions, hence Hell LI4/30

infernum, -i n nt Hell, here a scaffold or the like representing Hell for use in a play EK747/2

informacio, -onis n f information, specifically that laid before a court in the course of proceedings EK974/16; H171/31; L23/15m; SH60/30, etc; SM105/39; W378/17

informo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to make (something) known, to inform (someone about something) EL230/19; OX10/29; SH40/32, etc; 2. hence to lay information, especially about an alleged office EK22/39; SH57/10, etc; SM96/10, etc; 3. by extension of sense 1 to teach OX54/12, etc; SX3/24

infortunium, -ii n nt misfortune, accident BR3/7; CH25/35m, etc; SX29/13, etc [Black's Misadventure; OEDO misadventure n. 2.]

infra1 adv 1. below, lower down a page IC84/7m, etc; OX50/29m; 2. within IC84/8, etc; OX13/21

infra2 prep with acc within: 1. of space CH717/26, etc; CR503/30; EK34/16, etc; EL98/8; H97/28, etc; IC45/23, etc; L120/34, etc; LI608/36, etc; OX6/29, etc; SH263/31, etc; SM173/38m, etc; SX18/6, etc; W413/5, etc; 2. by extension, of the boundaries of civil authority CH62/17, etc; DR283/2; EK594/20; L31/24; OX194/27, etc; SH264/20, etc; WL158/6, etc; 3. of time EK336/12, etc; EL21/39, etc; H100/2-3, etc; IC16/35, etc; L92/32; LI609/3, etc; OX54/7, etc; SM239/1; W411/15, etc

infracontentus, -a, -um pfp pass contained within SH266/10

infranominatus, -a, -um pfp pass named within SH266/8, etc

infrascriptus, -a, -um pfp pass 1. written within LI342/33, etc; OX11/37; SH266/15, etc; WL218/5; 2. nt as sbst something written within (a document) CH767/26

infusus, -a, -um pfp pass literally poured on, instilled, here by extension couched, laid on; see pannus

infuturum for in futurum [OLD futurum]

ingeniosus, -a, -um adj clever, talented, often with reference to handiwork or structure LI127/9

ingenuose adv frankly, openly EK871/36

ingero, -rere, -ssi, -stum v tr to place (something) before one's notice, bring to one's attention OX894/22

ingratitudo, -inis n f ingratitude, ungratefulness OX45/38

ingredior, -di, -ssus sum v intr to come, enter, here used metaphorically EL242/25

ingressus, -us n m literally act of entering or coming in, hence: 1. entry, physical means of access into an enclosed space DR247/19; EL25/38; 2. the action of entering a building DR247/29; 3. entry into a confraternity or guild C5/30; 4. hence entry into land in order to possess it or entry into a benefice in order to hold it; the occurrence at IC471/9 involves a play on these senses

ingrossum see grossus

inhabilitans, -antis prp making unsuitable, disqualifying OX7/35

inhibicio, -onis n f prohibition, order forbidding some activity CR503/19m; DR247/20; H99/16; LI6/23, etc

inhonoro, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to dishonour, treat without respect LI6/28, etc

iniquitas, -atis n f evil, wrong-doing, iniquity H99/20

iniquus, -a, -um adj 1. unfair, wrongful EL21/25, etc; 2. evil, wicked, hence m as sbst a wicked man EL246/16

iniunctio, -onis n f order, injunction C132/32; CH47/17; EK609/35, etc; OX28/30m, etc; SH72/29

iniurio, -are, -aui,-atum v tr to injure, harm SM210/37

inmediate see immediate

Innocentes, -ium sbst m the (holy) Innocents, the children of Bethlehem killed by Herod in an attempt to kill the infant Jesus (Mt 2.16-18), commemorated liturgically on 28 December C29/5, etc; CR503/25; H100/17, etc; OX3/20, etc; SM236/7, etc; Innosentes SM252/12; see also dies, episcopus, festum, octaua

Innocentius, -ii n m Innocent, LL name popular with medieval popes (eight at the date of this occurrence), here used as a fictive L nomen for a mock-jury member with a play on two senses of the E adjective (not guilty and guileless or simple) IC463/29

innodo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr 1. to involve with H100/2; 2. to bind (used especially of binding offenders with the constraints of excommunication) SM239/13

innouacio, -onis n f renwal, repair WL215/11

in(n)perpetuum adv for in perpetuum [OLD perpetuus]

innumerosus, -a, -um adj without number, countless SX212/9

innuo, -ere, -i, -itum v tr to indicate, mean CH768/38, etc; WL197/23

inobediencia, -e n f disobedience W349/31

inobediens, -ntis adj disobedient LI347/20; OX3/28

inormis see enormis

inpossibile for impossibile [OLD impossibilis]

inposterum adv for in posterum [OLD posterus]

inprimis adv for imprimis [OLD]

inproperatus, -a, -um pfp pass blamed, reviled EK308/7

inquiens, -ntis prp saying [OLD inquam]

inquietacio, -onis n f literally disturbance, agitation OX28/34, etc; also used of the baiting of bears EK93/4, etc

inquieto, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to disturb, molest, here used of the baiting of bears EK105/19m, etc

inquinacio, -onis n f stain, dirt, contamination LI4/2

inquiro, -rere, -siui, -situm v intr 1. literally to inquire, investigate (eg, a crime or complaint) LI3/19, etc; WL215/33; 2. hence to hold an inquest or other inquiry El230/28; IC464/13; LI78/34; SH10/4; WL157/39, etc

inquisicio, -onis n f 1. inquiry LI3/13, etc; SH6/5; 2. inquest, a judicial inquiry made on behalf of the Crown under the direction of a royal officer or the record thereof CH44/37, etc; EL97/9, etc; LI78/30m; SH10/7, etc; inquisicio de uasto an inquest concerning possible waste committed by tenants of the Crown W404/21-2; see also uastum; 3. specifically a coroner's inquest into the cause of a death OX5/20; SX170/27, etc; 4. judicial inquiry made by ecclesiastical authorities EK308/13; SM72/37, etc

inquisitor, -oris n m 1. member of an inquest jury SH134/25; 2. questman, parish officer inferior to a churchwarden SM185/12, etc; SX24/1, etc

insalsitas, -atis n f lack of wit or humour, dulness C295/31

insalubris, -e adj unhealthy; see caro

insedeo, -edere, -edi, -essum v intr (+ dat) to sit upon OX307/21

insensatum, -i sbst nt poor judgement, senselessness WL9/13

insensissimus, -a, -um superl adj completely unperceived by one's senses, completely unnoticed by one (with dat of person) OX308/13

insolutus, -a, -um adj unpaid EK753/7; IC92/40; used of rent W413/8, etc

installacio, -onis n f installation, ceremony in which an abbot or prior formally assumed his office EK34/13; see also dies

installo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to install (a canon or the like) formally in his office or perquisites EK947/11; EL21/37, etc

instancia, -e n f urgent request, instance IC36/36, etc

instans, -ntis prp 1. standing near by, present SM239/17; 2. (of dates) present, instant C332/28, etc; CH228/4; CR504/10; EK63/38, etc; H98/20, etc; L21/5; LI606/14, etc; SH42/22, etc; SM163/8, etc; SX171/1, etc; W389/5; hence instanti at this time OX799/25

instanter adv at once SX171/14

instigacio, -onis n f urging, instigation SM145/25

institutio, -onis n f literally the act of teaching, education, hence principles of instruction; see epitome

institutor, -oris n m teacher, instructor OX86/2

institutum, -i sbst nt usage, custom EK912/1

institutus, -a, -um prf pass instituted (to a benefice), used of clerics EK975/14

instruccio, -onis n f (written) instruction: probably of a legal nature EK974/14; probably from an ecclesiastical court judge SM162/36, etc

instrumentum, -i n nt 1. tool: hence instrumenta ioci the tools of play, here referring to the gear of a puppet play LI78/31; instrumenta secatiua cutting tools SH264/24; 2. musical instrument BR59/37, etc; L149/28 (a stringed instrument), L35/34 (a wind instrument); LI33/39; OX5/26, etc; SH277/21; SX14/12 (probably); WL8/26; instrumentum musicale OX28/36 or ~ musicum CH177/26; EK204/34-5; OX6/27, etc; or musicum instrumentum WL8/7, etc, musical instrument

insufficiens, -ntis adj insufficient, hence (legally) deficient (in pleading or the like(?)) CH723/23, etc

insufficientia, -e n f lack, insufficiency SM200/38m, etc

insula, -e n f literally island: in the translation of a play title, insula fluctuans in fixam conversa The Floating Island Made Fixed OX893/31; by extension a peninsula: insula Purbeck the Isle of Purbeck, a peninsula bounded by the English Channel, Poole Harbour, and the River Frome DR170/21-2

insulta, -e n f attack, assault L21/31 [cp OLD insulto, to leap upon]

insultus, -us n m attack, assault CH692/16, etc; CR527/20; EL230/7; OX5/35, etc [cp OLD insulto]

insurrectio, -onis n f uprising, insurrection CH681/5

intantum adv for in tantum [OLD tantum]

integre adv wholly, entirely EL22/31, etc; LI341/26

intercenandione apparently n f abl sg possibly an error for 'inter cenandum,' while dining, during the dinner? C568/10

interdictum, -i n nt interdict, a canonical penalty that included a ban on the administration of the sacraments and restricted the celebration of solemn services; an interdict could be applied to a single church, a group of churches, or a whole diocese or group of dioceses DR247/26; EK308/41 [ODCC interdict]

interdictus, -a, -um prf pass forbidden CR465/9; EK912/2

interloquor, -qui, -cutus sum v tr as legal term to imparl, confer with an opponent for the purpose of a settlement EL230/14

interloquutor, -oris n m literally one who takes part in a conversation, hence speaking part, speaker OX268/30

interludium, -i n nt interlude, a form of popular pastime or entertainment; sometimes used as synonym for 'ludus'; possibly primarily visual but a wide range of activities could be described by the word C53/33; CH48/21; EK901/1, etc; H57/19, etc; IC3/23, etc; LI333/13; OX43/19, etc; SH5/39, etc; SM251/14-15 (glossed with E 'pleyes'); possibly used in an extended sense on EK974/9 (see p EK973 for a discussion of the range of likely meanings); enterludium H121/34; interludum SH159/23, etc

interlusor, -oris n m interluder: 1. a performer under royal, noble, or other patronage C78/14; SH176/12, etc; 2. a local or parochial performer SH197/17, SH199/35; participant in a May game SH200/37, SH201/1, SH202/26-8; or in a Robin Hood game SH203/35; 3. player? SH189/27, SH193/14, SH193/16; in SH191/35 lusores and interlusores are distinct but apparently providing a mixed entertainment including music; 4. used generally SH202/36, SH205/29

interlusum, -i n nt interlude SH180/21, SH199/35; see also interludium

intermedium, -ii sbst nt the mid-point, the middle: in intermedio (+ dat) in or on the middle (of) OX12/18

interminacio, -onis n f threat, danger EL4/1; H57/21; SH6/1; W396/13

interpositus, -a, -um pfp pass 1. introduced, brought in CH305/18; 2. imposed, inflicted CH788/25, etc

interrogatorium, -ii n nt interrogatory, article drawn up for the questioning of witnesses CH137/25, etc; DR123/16, etc; EL171/1, etc; SM30/24, etc

intersero, -ere, -ui, -tum v tr literally to plant, here in idiom interserere decretum to decree? SH65/22

intersessio, -onis n f either 1. a plea, intercession or 2. guarantee, bond C455/6 [DML intercessio, OLD intercessio2]

interuenio, -ire, -i v intr (of a third party) to intervene in a suit in which one was not originally involved C332/23

inthronizacio, -onis n f enthronement, the formal entry into office of a bishop or archbishop EK258/17, etc; intronisacio EK315/15m; intronisasio EK40/20; intronizacio EK41/5, etc

intimacio, -onis n f announcement, specifically the public prior announcement of one's intention to seek to clear oneself by compurgation; such an announcement was required to allow challenges to be made at the time of compurgation C364/18; W389/22

intimo, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to inform CH47/6, etc; EL21/15, etc; SX24/2; as prp making known, informing OX799/24

intracio, -onis n f act of entering (eg, a suit) before a court CH78/37

intrinsecus, -a, -um adj internal, private OX3/24

intro, -are, -aui, -atum v intr or (sometimes) tr 1. to go in, enter OX9/16, etc; hence in tr construction to formally enter a trade or trade guild CH56/13, etc; 2. as legal term (usually with 'in' and accusative) to enter into, take formal legal possession of (property or the like) CH723/29, etc; EL26/35; L82/11, etc; in tr construction without 'in' OX259/17

introduco, -cere, -xi, -uctum v tr to introduce into court as evidence, used of information, letters, certificates, and the like CH797/33, etc; EK900/9, etc

introitus, -us n m entry: 1. a hostel for students and other members of the university OX9/1; 2. a formal entering into a city or the like OX314/40; 3. entry (into office) EK39/12; 4. an entrance EL26/1 [see OEDO entry 1b and 8]

intromitto, -ittere, -isi, -issum v tr 1. literally admit to or introduce, hence in idiom se intromittere (with 'de' + abl) to involve oneself in, concern oneself with, engage in BR5/36; EL211/24; LI347/15-16; 2. to associate with, mix with (someone) WL238/23

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