Dr. Freek Schmidt – architectural historian curriculum vitae

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dr. Freek Schmidt – architectural historian - curriculum vitae
Schmidt, Frederik Hendrik (20 October 1963)

Department of Art & Culture, Faculty of Arts, Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (f.schmidt@let.vu.nl).

Professional record

march 1997: Ph.D., University of Amsterdam

1997-2001: post-doc, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Foundation for History, Archaeology and Art History (SHW): Faculty of Arts, Department of Art History, University Utrecht and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2002-2006: Architectural historian at the Amsterdam Preservation Society (Bureau Monumenten & Archeologie)

2002-2007: Fellow of the Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW),

2002-2007: Assistant-professor, Department of Art & Culture, Faculty of Arts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2007: Visiting Professor, Department of Architecture, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley, USA

2008-today: Associate Professor, Department of Art & Culture, Faculty of Arts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Additional functions

Member of CLUE, Reseach Institute for the Heritage and History of the Cultural Landscape and the Urban Environment, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (www.Clue.nu)

Member of Commissie Welstand & Monumenten I, Amsterdam (2011-2014)

Co-leader and advisor of the Research program of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) Passion and Control: Patronage in Eighteenth-Century Dutch Architecture, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/Utrecht University (prof.dr. K.A. Ottenheym).

Co-Editor of LHS, Landscape and Heritage Studies. Exploring new directions and lost tracks in landscape and heritage research [CLUE/Amsterdam University Press]

Referee for several NWO grant programs (Free competition in the Humanities, Referee for Talent, Vidi, VNC)

Concept and texts for exhibition: Paleizen voor prinsen en burgers. Nederlandse Architectuur in de Achttiende Eeuw (Palaces for Princes and Burghers; Dutch Architecture of the Eighteenth Century), Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede (September 2005 – January 2006)
Lectures and chairs outside the Netherlands

Annual Meetings of the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH), Houston (Texas) 1999; Toronto (Ontario, Canada) 2001; Richmond (Virginia) 2002; Vancouver (BC), 6-10 April 2005; Congress of the Historians of Netherlandish Art (HNA) in Antwerp 2002; Annual Conference of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, St Hugh’s College, Oxford, 2-5 January 2003, and 6-8 January 2005, 6-8 January 2009; Eleventh International Congress on the Enlightenment, UCLA, Los Angeles, 3-10 August 2003; International Conference Wilanow Palace Museum, Warsaw, 18-20 October 2007; The Town House in Early Modern Europe. The eighteenth-century Dublin Townhouse. Form, function, finance – an interdisciplinary conference, University College Dublin, 26-27 May 2008; HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area), Joint Research Programme Matchmaking Event 19 April 2008, Paris, ‘Cultural Dynamics’; Co-chair (with K. Skelton, Brandeis University, USA), 1st International Meeting, European Architectural History Network, Guimarães, Portugal, 17-20 June 2010; Internationale und interdisziplinäre Tagung, Kulturstiftung DessauWörlitz; Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, 2-4 September 2010; Medieval and Renaissance Forum, Department of Art History, Yale University, New Haven CT, 12 April 2011; 64th Annual Meeting of the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH), New Orleans (Louisiana), 13-17 April 2011; Respondent for ‘Architectural history and visions of architecture’, Architectural History as [applied] science – International Symposium, Leuven, Provinciehuis, 8-9 November 2011

Selected Publications

- Ph.D. dissertation : University of Amsterdam 1997, Pieter de Swart en prins Willem IV: hofarchitectuur in de Republiek (with summary in English)

- Pieter de Swart. Architect van de achttiende eeuw (in the series ‘Cultuurhistorische studies’, [Rijksdienst voor de Monumentenzorg/Waanders Uitgevers] Zeist/Zwolle 1999 (with summary in English)

- Paleizen voor prinsen en burgers. Architectuur in Nederland in de achttiende eeuw, Zwolle 2006 (with summary in English)


- Reinventing Architecture: Dutch architectural culture 1700-1800, Aldershot (Ashgate Publishing) 2012

Articles (selection):

- Henry A. Millon (ed.), The triumph of the Baroque. Architecture in Europe 1600-1750, Venice 1999, 175, 290-293, 527-528, 553-554

- ‘L’Architecture du XVIe siècle au début du Xxe siècle’ (with K.A. Ottenheym), ‘Le XIXe siècle ou les prémices de l’architecture moderne’, ‘Principaux sites’ (with K.A. Ottenheym and A. Egger), in: Th. DaCosta Kaufmann (ed.), L’art flamand et hollandais. Belgique et Pays-Bas 1520-1914, 2 dln., Paris [Editions Citadelles & Mazenod] 2002, 43-101, 405-439, 539-596

- ‘Expose ignorance and revive the bon goût. Foreign architects at Jacques-François Blondel’s Ecole des Arts’, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 61 (2002), no. 1, 4-29

- ‘Monumenten verliezen. Nieuwe bestemmingen in oude gebouwen’ , in: J. Gawronski, F. Schmidt and M.-Th. Van Thoor, Amsterdam. Monumenten en Archeologie 5, Amsterdam 2006, 43-47

- ‘Inleiding’, in: Bibliografie Architectuur, Stedebouw en Ruimtelijke ordening, Tuin- en Landschapsarchitectuur, Monumentenzorg en Bouwhistorie 2000-2005 [compiled by Niek Smit] [published by the Vereniging van Nederlandse Kunsthistorici], Utrecht 2006 (www.kunsthistorici.nl)

- ‘Dutch Arcadia. Amsterdam and Villa Culture’, in: Barbara Arciszewska (ed.), The Baroque Villa. Suburban and Country Residences, c. 1600-1800, Warsaw 2009, 43-58

- ‘Campen, Jacob van’; ‘De Swart, Pieter’; ‘De Vries, Vredeman’; ‘Floris Cornelis’; ‘Husly, Jacob Otten’; ‘Key, Lieven de’; ‘Keyser, Hendrick de’; ‘Marot, Daniel’; ‘Netherlands (2) 16th-18th century’; ‘Post Pieter’; ‘van der Hart, Abraham’; ‘Vingboons, Philips’, in: Patrick Goode (ed.), Oxford Companion to Architecture, Oxford 2009

- ‘Building artists. History, modernity and the architect around 1630’, Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek 59 (2009), 317-347

- ‘2000 jaar Nederlanders en hun godshuizen’ [seperate issue] in: W. Bouwman et al. (eds.), Geloof in Nederland, Zwolle 2008-2009, no. 13, 393-424

-‘Building discipline. Two Amsterdam houses of correction’, in: K. Ottenheym, M. Chatenet and K. de Jonge, Public Buildings in early Modern Europe Turnhout [Brepols] 2010, 165-180

- ‘De uitdaging van de architectuurhistoricus’, Bulletin KNOB 109 (2010), 114-124

- ‘Hollands Arcadië. Achttiende-eeuwse Amsterdam buitenplaatscultuur/Dutch Arcadia. Amsterdam and villa culture’, Over Holland: Architectonische studies voor de Hollandse stad (2011), 10/11, 173-196

-‘City in Fragments: Amsterdam’s Architectural Image’, in: M. de Waard and J. Goggin (eds.), Imagining Amsterdam: Global Visions and Revisions, Amsterdam [Amsterdam University Press] 2011

-‘A Passion for Architecture. Petrus Camper and Groningen Town Hall’, in: volume on Petrus Camper of the series History of Science and Scholarship in the Netherlands, Amsterdam [Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)] 2011

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